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Expand your news reach through our targeted press release distribution and get featured on major publications and press media. Build a great foundation for your business and achieve success with Global News Distribution.


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Public Relations is the art of securing trust on a large scale. One of the most efficient strategies for B2B companies to achieve this is through press release distribution. We perceive that you should be a magnet for the attention of your prospects. We tend to be experienced with the requirements of the technical, creative, educational fields and many more. You'll be able to assure that your press release will engage the attention of your target audience.


PR Distribution

To thrive as a small business, you need press coverage. But, unfortunately, coverage doesn’t come naturally – you just need to work for it.

PR Writing

We understand the importance of a well-written press release, and we’ll work hard to ensure that your business gets the positive exposure it deserves.


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Expand Your Reach With PR Writing

The best way to get media coverage for a press release is to have a story relevant to the audience with a great angle. can write and publish a press release for your brand

Get your press release written in 24 hours fast turnaround!

Your press release is more than just text on a page. It’s an important tool that can help you get media coverage, build relationships with journalists, and generate buzz for your business. But writing a good press release is harder than it looks. Get help from our expert PR writers who are well versed in modern press release writing requirements and can provide newsworthy press releases for any topic/industry.

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Get more website sales with

Skyrocket Your Online Visibility

While distributing press releases, we consider both PR perspectives and SEO benefits for our clients. That is why we offer syndication to the first page of Google and Google News starting with our basic plan

Rank Higher on Google SEO

Potential Sales Growth

Global News Distribution can help you build brand awareness by having your company featured on hundreds of authoritative news sites. This will have a direct effect on sales and can help you drive revenue growth.

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Social Media Verification

A press release with Global News Distribution is all you need for getting blue tick verification for your social media accounts. Weather it is Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or any other social media platform, we’ve got you covered.

Improve website conversion rate

Target Right Audience

For maximum impact, you want your press release to reach the target audience at the right time with the right message. Our press releases are tagged to target industries, so they reach the right audience.

How It Works

Get publish to over 500 news sites in 3 easy steps.
Our process is easy to use even if you are a first timer.

Writing / Submission
GlobalNewsDistribution Will Write a Press Release

Submit your press release by placing an order Or get assistance from our expert writers who know how to tell a good story.

PR Distribution
Globalnewsdistribution Will Publish a Press Release

We then distribute your press release to thousands of media outlets, journalists, influencers and bloggers, social media; Print, TV, and Radio.

Get Reports
Rank Higher on Google with

Finally we provide you detailed publication reports with live links to all published press releases so you can track the performance of your press releases.

This Is Why We Do What We Do

We are the preferred choice for small businesses, PR agencies, digital marketers, e-commerce, crowdfunding, real estate and many others. Here are a few of many testimonials from our valued customers.

A Professional team, I am quite happy with the results they provided.


Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands

News distribution has increased the online visibility of my business, and I’ll keep doing it.


Paramus, NJ

Truly amazed with the results, and the pricing is pretty economical as well.


San Jose, CA

Reach Millions With A Single PR

The news sites we publish press releases on receive over 100 million visitors per month. Besides this, we pride ourselves on being one of the few companies that offer guaranteed publications on media outlets.

Globalnewsdistribution Money Back Guarantee

Best ROI In PR Industry

We have a knack to deliver the best ROI in the press release distribution industry. We offer benefits with our services that rival even the most expensive distribution services. With an easy-to-use process, we strive to deliver a magnificent reach in the industry at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions below. Or, if you can't find the answer below, send us a message.

The Industry leader Global News Distribution provides reliable and effective press release distribution and writing services. Promoting your story, news, or content to media outlets all around the world has never been easier or more affordable than it is with us. In addition, our expert writers can assist you in crafting a press release that will draw attention to your story.

When you order from us, you can take advantage of our media outlets network, expertise, and low prices. And if you have any questions or concerns, our helpful support staff is here 24/7 to assist you in getting your article published swiftly and efficiently.

Let Global News Distribution help you reach your target audience today!

We publish press releases to news sites that receive over 100 million visitors per month.

Reach to the most used search engines, including Google, Google News, Bing, and Yahoo, is guaranteed. Your press release will also be distributed to TV, blog, and radio news sites, as well as industry journals.

At higher plan tiers, we guarantee distribution to premium media outlets like the Associated Press, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo Entertainment, Yahoo Lifestyle, Yahoo Money MarketWatch, FOX, NBC, CBS,, and many more.

While we cannot promise a certain time or date for distribution of your news release, 95% of the press releases we publish are released and distributed without delay. We can't promise an immediate release because fewer people are around on holidays and weekends to reviews press releases.

However, we promise that we won't ever send your press release before it's scheduled to go out.

This depends on your needs and budget you have. Our lowest-priced Press Release Distribution plan costs $49 per month, while our most expensive option, Enterprise Plus Distribution, costs $499 per month.

Our press release distribution service includes both the permanent hosting of your press release on our website as well as the syndication of your press release to search engines like as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Google News, as well as social media, financial feeds, and business journals.

Premium media outlets including FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, and CW are available at higher pricing tiers. With our most expensive plan, you'll have access to media outlets like the Associated Press, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo Entertainment, Yahoo Lifestyle, Yahoo Money MarketWatch, FOX, NBC, CBS,, and many more.

Before submitting your press release to us, we strongly advise you to spend as much time as you can writing and revising it to make it precisely what you want it to be. If you need assistance writing a press release, we have expert writers on staff who would be pleased to assist you.

If you would like us to delete your press release from our website after we have published it, we are able to do so at your request. But we can't do anything about it if it was picked up by other sites.

Press releases are distributed based on the date and time you choose. And the distribution report is sent to you within the next 2-3 business days of the distribution.

You can also do same-day distribution or schedule your PR for a future date. In addition, we are sending press releases on immediate basis as well.

Our press releases are distributed according to Eastern Standard Time, or EST.

The answer is yes. The option to purchase press release writing and distribution packages together is available throughout the checkout process.

To get started, just choose a Distribution plan from our Pricing Page and then add your required Press Release Writing plan during checkout.

Yes, we do offer bulk plans of 5 PRs, 10 PRs, and 20 PRs, which allow you to save up to 50% on prices and use them whenever you want without worrying about an expiry date.

Go to our Pricing Page, tap/click on the Bulk Plans tab, and then proceed to complete your order as usual.

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