4Content Media Becomes Outreach Bee

New Boutique Firm Will Manage Influencer Marketing Outreach Campaigns for Brands and Agencies Alike

Formerly a link building and content marketing powerhouse, Ana Maria De La Cruz‘s 4Content Media is transforming into Outreach Bee, a company that will focus primarily on managing influencer outreach campaigns for large companies as well as SEO and PR agencies. De La Cruz will put her 16+ years’ experience in online marketing to work performing and managing the operational tasks that these campaigns depend upon in order to succeed.

“From finding the most effective site for the client, to negotiating compensation with bloggers, to making sure the final product meets or beats client and blogger expectations, there’s a whole lot of legwork that goes into a typical influencer marketing campaign,” explains founder and CEO Ana Maria De La Cruz. “These are generally tedious tasks that can take companies and agencies away from their primary purpose of growing their business. I formed Outreach Bee to allow companies to outsource the burden of campaign management and thereby free their people to do whatever it is that they do best.”

Between De La Cruz and her growing team of campaign managers, Outreach Bee has perfected the art and science of executing successful influencer outreach campaigns that keep clients coming back for more. Companies looking to grow their brand through the power of influencer marketing can engage Outreach Bee directly, while agencies can contract with Outreach Bee to directly or indirectly manage client campaigns on their behalf.

“Maybe a company’s marketing team has heard of or seen successful influencer marketing campaigns but isn’t sure how to go about executing one themselves,” De La Cruz explains. “Maybe a PR agency has lots of clients who want to perform influencer outreach, but they don’t have experience in that area and don’t want to put their people in the position of learning through trial and error and potentially losing clients if someone makes a mistake. These are situations where Outreach Bee can save the day and enable companies and agencies alike to increase their sales across the board.”

For more information regarding how Outreach Bee works and to schedule a no-obligation consultation, visit https://www.outreachbee.com.

About Outreach Bee

Outreach Bee is a boutique digital marketing firm dedicated to promoting business growth through manual management of influencer outreach campaigns. Targeted primarily toward large companies as well as PR and SEO agencies, Outreach Bee offers complete campaign management and outreach operations solutions, enabling clients to execute outreach campaigns without being bogged down by tedious operational tasks.

Founder and CEO Ana Maria De La Cruz has brought together a team of experienced campaign managers and utilizes her 16 years’ experience in the industry to meticulously manage each campaign and bring it to fruition.


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