A Collection of 33 Insights Designed to Help Readers Be the Best Versions of Themselves

Author writes inspirational how-to book to help readers grow

MEXICO CITY JUNE 13, 2022 – Even after achieving success in the LA fashion industry, extensive travel, and working with millionaires, author Victor Levy had a startling conclusion; his goal-oriented lifestyle was leading nowhere. This drove him to go on a journey of growth and self-discovery, eventually inspiring him to write “Life is Setting Me Up for Success.”

“I used hate writing,” Levy said, “but after learning more about myself and my potential, the words just started flowing. It feels like I channeled this book rather than consciously wrote it.”

In his book, Levy takes an in-depth look at success, discussing what it is and what it isn’t. Levy offers 33 insights from day-to-day life, relationships, consciousness, yogic philosophy, society, and modern science to shift the readers perspective from living a life of constraints to expanding to full possibility. He explores a variety of themes, including goal setting, love, change, fear, and worry, against the backdrop of success.

“Life is Setting Me Up for Success” is intended to share a wealth of philosophy, advice, and tips to help readers expand their awareness from subconscious limitations to accessing their full intelligence.

“Life is Setting Me Up for Success: Free Yourself from the Illusion that You are Not Enough”
By Victor Levy
ISBN: 9781982276430 (softcover); 97819822776447 (electronic)
Available at Balboa PressAmazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Victor Levy is from Mexico City. He considers his most fulfilling work is to help others uncover their subconscious limitations to understand happiness, joy and peace are their inherent nature. His interest in spirituality, philosophy and health is inspired by years of experience being a student of many disciplines from ancient to modern wisdom. In his writing, coaching and movement classes, Levy shares his insights about putting eastern knowledge into modern practice. He plans on releasing another book, titled “It’s Not About Me,” in the future. Visit http://www.victorlevyb.com for more information about the author and his works.


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