Nowadays, more and more businesses are opting for artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer interaction. In marketing, for example, through various smart platforms, AI enables us to unearth more detailed and comprehensive data on the traffic flow and its behavior. The insights obtained as a result of this process can help not only boost sales and generate profit but also protect from fraudsters and save the budget allocated for marketing needs.

Artificial Intelligence is irrevocably changing the nature of performance marketing; that is obvious. However, it’s not about all those latest developments entering the market. It’s more about new trends and approaches that are likely to replace the traditional marketing tactics over the next few years.

Indeed, integrating AI in the performance marketing toolset can swiftly enhance flexibility, refine expenses, and obtain accurate customer insights.

Components now considered indispensable for performance marketing, such as analyzing and profiling possible customers, predicting their needs and activity, and delivering a personalized message to them, would not have ever been attainable without AI. 

AI and Smart Traffic Delivery

One of the major marketing aspects AI is expected to improve is attracting decent traffic to a business. To intelligently target the relevant audience, it is necessary to examine individual customer behavioral trends which would be unavailable without big data analytics, machine learning, and automation of multiple repetitive tasks. This, in turn, may help map out a more detailed business strategy and opt for the better actions suited for successful conversion.

Traditionally, a conventional marketing campaign aiming at driving traffic would include digital ads or social media posts across various platforms with the goal that prospects would find the right brand and complete the deal. 

Subsequently, the marketing department would analyze all this activity within the campaign and discover quality leads based on the best guesses. However, such an old-fashioned approach doesn’t consider all customers’ activity before and after the campaign.

AI, in turn, enables to monitor and analyze all kinds of engagement 24/7 so campaigns can be modified at any time to maximize effectiveness. That could mean refining the content for a better reach out or boosting the extent of the digital ad in case it achieves better business outcomes. 

Furthermore, rich real-time customer insights obtained from AI campaigns allow creating a personalized user experience by autonomously generating relevant content, appearing in front of the right people on the right platforms at the right time. 

AI-Based Fraud Prevention

Another significant aspect connected with traffic in the changing performance marketing industry is instant fraud detection. With multiple new possibilities of traffic delivery, a new form of fraud was born. Fraudulent affiliates, motivated traffic, botnet traffic, and fake traffic are all vexatious obstacles to safely growing and scaling any business.

Since eCommerce has enormous transformative potential, outdated fraud-preventing solutions and systems can no longer keep up.

The complex AI algorithm based on machine learning empowers multi-layer traffic scanning by following several metrics at a time. The longer it runs with the historical and real-time data, the more precise the control will be to diminish fraud over time.

The founders of the UCLIQ SaaS platform dealing with intelligent traffic delivery and next-generation fraud detection believe that without access to AI tools capable of analyzing Big Data and immense volumes of previous activity, any business in the performance marketing industry will quickly lose its position under the growing amount of fraudulent accounts.

“I know first hand how important it is to build and continuously perfect technologies to combat ever-evolving fraud to help clients grow their business and prosper,” – says UCLIQ’s CEO.

Since its introduction on the public market, UCLIQ has managed to detect numerous cases of malicious activity due to the smart tracking technology and AI analysis, and that’s just one of multiple examples.

One of the UCLIQ’s longest-served customers, Trafee Machine, while working with over 50K publishers and processing millions of impressions per day, had been able to improve its ROI by over 30% by employing advanced Fraud Detection and Prevention tools and AI-based Smartlinks provided by the UCLIQ Platform. . 

The platform helped Trafee to weed out dozens of malicious affiliates per week, as well as detect and block thousands of fraudulent conversions and motivated leads, as a result significantly improving relationships with its advertisers and increasing monetary gains.

The Bottom Line

On the strategy side of performance marketing, AI has the strong potential to help marketers optimize ROI by targeting only relevant viewers detected due to deep insights and data collected. In the short term, such implementation aims to augment human decisions, while over time, it may exclude human supervision at all. 

From the security point of view, a smart anti-fraud option allows growing business safely by detecting and eliminating all malicious traffic before it can crucially hit the budget. 

Thus, the time and energy saved on automated and streamlined processes in performance marketing can also stimulate rational money allocation and expenses reduction, allowing businesses to have a significantly lower cost per acquisition in lead-based campaigns and freeing up time to focus on other important aspects.

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