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It’s no secret that as time has passed, the gulf between those who can afford healthcare and those who cannot have widened. The debate over the causes of this issue has played out endlessly in the media. However, until now, very few solutions were being offered to solve the crisis of people not seeing a doctor because of the expense even though they are sick. Claver Misago was determined to help solve this issue, and he created Medical 24/7 so that healthcare could be accessed by more people at an affordable price no matter where they are.

One problem Claver saw was with billings, which are normally done by medical billing and coding companies. The manual process of writing codes and submitting bills to payers (insurers) takes a long time and in many cases can result in errors in the bills as well as the bill being returned to senders, causing more delays in payment and more fees added to the charges.

Medical 24/7 uses innovative technology to solve these issues. It provides a one-of-a-kind blockchain platform that involves all stakeholders in any healthcare process, solves the issues of billings, and delivers better healthcare. It offers three services that are innovating how healthcare is done:

  • Medical 24/7 is an access-control manager of health data and medical records, giving people the power to take control of their own health data and medical records.
  • The company provides interoperability services within the health IT ecosystem.
  • Medical 24/7 provides a unique billing system with the blockchain platform.

The technology created by Medical 24/7 include benefits that make it even more effective:

1. Secure: All payments through Medical 24/7 blockchain are more secure, faster, and low-cost through the use of encrypted distributed ledgers that provide trusted realtime

verification of transactions without the need for intermediaries.

2. Reliable: The technology solves manual issues occurring in billing processes as well as reduces overpriced testing. Blockchain technology enhances reliability, as full copies of the blockchain ledger are maintained by all active nodes. Thus, if one node goes offline, the ledger is still readily available to all other participants in the network. A blockchain lacks a single point of failure.

3. Automatic: Payers will automatically release funds when a trigger event occurs, such as a patient getting a prescription filled or laboratory tests being completed.

4. Instant Outcomes: Medical 24/7 serves as the universal access control manager of health data and medical records, allowing simultaneous and immediate data access across multiple independent health systems.

Medical 24/7 approach to driving down healthcare costs is respected across the healthcare industry. It is recognized by international communities as one of the top 50 healthcare companies based on five parameters: overall reach, industry impact, the spirit of innovation, future-readiness, and market demand. Claver himself has been recognized as one of the top 100 healthcare leaders in the world. Both awards will be accepted in June 2021.

Claver is optimistic about the future of healthcare. “All that is required for a change is for people to decide to do something, and I see that happening. We are no longer willing to put up with high healthcare costs. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a wakeup call for the world. We are seeing changes in regulations that have been obstacles for the healthcare industry. I think between those changes and the innovations of Medical 24/7, we’re going to see a lot of amazing improvements in the healthcare industry that will ultimately make the lives of countless people better.”

Through Medical 24/7’s success, Claver learned a lot about entrepreneurship and the real meaning of success. “Success is the happy ending of failures if you keep on pushing forward. That’s why Medical 24/7 is here today. I struggled a lot but never gave up. I also tell new entrepreneurs that if they can think of something, do it. Get up and take action! I saw a huge problem in the healthcare industry and created Medical 24/7 to solve it.”

As for challenges, Claver laughs. “Oh yes, I have faced them. Every day! Like they say, ‘What can go wrong in business will go wrong.’ How you deal with challenges will define your character and determine your success. Medical 24/7 is doing great work, but I can’t deny that I have had to overcome my share of hurdles to get the company where it is today. But it is definitely worth it because we have important work to do.”

That work to make healthcare costs reasonable continues today. “Every employee at Medical 24/7 is committed to our mission,” Claver says. “We all want to spare patients the stress of receiving bills that cannot be paid. With every bill that comes down, I feel satisfied that we are accomplishing our mission.”

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