A Team of Private Investigators Track Down a Charismatic Conman on a Calculated Crime Spree in ‘Where the Devil Lives’

In Aletta Henry’s new mystery, G.B. Crane and Associates go undercover to apprehend a fake holy man targeting elderly women and discover someone more sinister than a simple swindler

Mystery author Aletta Henry has released the fifth installation in her collection of suspenseful and entertaining novels which follow the exhilarating work of Philadelphia-based private investigation firm, G.B. Crane and Associates. In “Where the Devil Lives,” the firm’s eccentric namesake, Gilbert Bishop Crane, discovers that his mother has fallen victim to a scam run by a man posing as a swami named Naresh.

Failing to convince her of Naresh’s true nature, Gilbert looks to the rest of the crew—Grace, Victor, Sam and Tom—to jump into action and interrupt the conman’s crooked dealings. Donning a gray wig and elaborate makeup, Grace disguises herself as a wealthy elderly woman to attract the attention of the swami while Sam acts as her chauffer and Victor secures a position at the spa where they have determined the future targets are preyed on.

Together, the crew uncovers the names of the other victims as well as an entire network of devious associates involved in Naresh’s scheme. However, they underestimate how far the charlatan is willing to go to protect his profits and who he deems disposable in his quest for riches.

True to Henry’s signature style, “Where the Devil Lives” is a thrilling yet fun mystery, designed to entertain readers and keep them guessing until the last page. Weaving together suspense, dark humor and clever banter, the book provides an exciting literary escape with a feel-good ending.

“Where the Devil Lives”
By Aletta Henry
ISBN: 9781480896345 (softcover); 9781480896321 (hardcover); 9781480896338 (electronic)
Available from AmazonBarnes & Noble and Archway Publishing

About the author
Aletta Henry is the author of five books, including: “A Total Eclipse,” “Snail’s Pace,” “Strike!,” “The Unluckiest Man” and “Where the Devil Lives.” She is a member of a large, entertaining family and a lifelong resident of the Philadelphia area. She is an avid reader, has traveled extensively and loves to work in and enjoy her gardens in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Florida.

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