Abell Bio Clean Brand Ventures Into Production Of Detergents

Abell Bio Clean Brand has officially ventured into the detergent industry with its latest product line focusing on offering biodegradable detergents to clients at an affordable price. 

The latest venture is among the company’s renewed radical efforts to maximise market reach while exposing their products to their potential and returning customers. 

Under its new product line,  the company will be selling detergents of different categories and shipping them to the rest of the world through their Amazon product-listing platform. 

Top in the list of the Abell brand is the eco-friendly clean dishwashing liquid, which can be used freely without any effects on the hands of the person cleaning the dishes. 

It comes in a 200ml bottle and cuts off grease while keeping dishes clean and luminous. 

Very gentle to the hands and its biodegradable nature allows it to be used for washing dishes, pans by hand.

It’s designed with a refreshingly muscat scent and any small amount of the liquid can remove dirt from dishes while leaving them smelling good. 

The drainage water is naturally cleansed by the power of the ingredients in the formula to remove dirt from the pipes.

Besides, it comes with a nozzle that can easily be pressed to pour the liquid on dishes without having to struggle opening and closing it which may transfer germs and bacteria into the liquid. 

Photo: Abell Dishwashing Liquid

The second detergent is the eco-friendly laundry detergent that comes in a 310ml bottle.

It’s made of the original Japanese herbal products to ensure no bruising or rushes on the hand when cleaning using the detergent.

Besides, it has no chlorine bleach, hence safe for colored clothes and ideal for individuals with children as it easily removes even the heavy stains without damaging fibres or hands. 

It works well with all washing machines even in cold water and leaves clothes with a bright and appealing scent. 

The drainage water is naturally cleansed by the power of the ingredients in the formula to remove dirt from the pipes.

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