AirHood™, the World’s First Portable Range Hood, is a Solution For Modern Kitchens Looking to Eliminate Gas Stoves

The recent regulation in certain states banning the installation of gas stoves brings awareness to toxic byproducts and risks associated with continued use.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) launched an investigation into gas stoves and their harm to those with asthma last December. This spearheaded a conversation on the validity and safety of using gas appliances, citing that indoor pollution harms the public and the environment, even when stoves are turned off. The concern centers around nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, methane and other proven toxins.

“The debate on whether gas stoves should be used will continue to generate important dialogue that has understandably piqued consumer interest,” said founder and designer Maxime Augay. “For us at AirHood™, reducing grease, smoke and cooking odors through our two-filter system solves the concern often associated with conventional built-in range hoods, eliminating insufficient ventilation, noise and accumulated grime and bacteria.”

AirHood™ provides an option for spaces without a kitchen vent with a unique, award-winning design ideal for apartment dwellers. Its small footprint and quiet operation make it conveniently placed directly near a pan or pot while cooking. The shell consists of flame-retardant ABS plastic for the highest safety level for kitchen use.

Augay understands that consumers are devoted to using gas stoves and that banning them is causing a tremendous uproar. He added that he foresees the debate continuing among the gas industry and the CPSC for some time to come. In the meantime, he hopes more consumers will look into proper ventilation solutions when using any appliance to live in more comfortable, pollution-free spaces that minimize health concerns.

Pricing for AirHood™ starts at $139.99 and is available in signature red or white. To order, visit


About AirHood™:
The first-of-its-kind portable range hood, the AirHood™ is the solution for modern kitchens, providing an ergonomically-designed element that enhances countertops and adjusts to cooking preferences. The dual-filter technology effectively extracts grease particles and lingering odors with robust ventilation features that promote a healthy cooking environment.

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