AK Motor Presents the Maple Majestic “Kombi-Kross”, for Canadian-Style Winters All Over the World

AK Motor presents Maple Majestic Kombi-Kross, a continued development of its 4-Door luxury Electric Vehicle, aimed at Canadian-style winters all over the world.

AK Motor International Corporation presents the Maple MajesticKombi-Kross, a continuation in the development of its 4-Door luxury Electric Vehicle, aimed at Canadian-style winters all over the world.

As the global auto industry continues its transition towards Electric Vehicles, there remains very little focus on extreme climate conditions like that of Canada. This strategy is at odds with the reality of the international market where the need for winter-friendly Electric Vehicles is so vast that it cannot be considered niche. This January 17, many Canadians had a friendly reminder about just how severe winters can be. As two feet of snow fell on the ground in just a few hours, Toronto was brought to a standstill that lasted for several days. According to AK Motor Founder Arkadiusz Kaminski, “Electric Vehicle companies can’t keep up with demand as they crank out products that perform best in mild climates. By ignoring the winter scenario, EV companies are contributing to a resistance in Electric Vehicle adoption among countries with winter climates. The Maple Majestic brand’s ongoing mission is to address the problems of driving Electric Vehicles in winter and other challenging weather conditions. We call this Climate Friendly Driving. The Kombi-Kross model is a bold step in this direction.”

The Maple Majestic Kombi-Kross is the first new variant of the Maple Majestic concept which was presented earlier in 2021. The Kombi-Kross will feature the same prominent long wheel-base, and adjustable ride height as the initial 4-door concept, while incorporating a stylish new utilitarian configuration. The objective is to offer supreme winter handling capabilities and off-road attributes while providing additional storage space for longer trips. Maple Majestic EV’s are intended to be built through two manufacturing streams to accommodate low-volume and high-volume production for different models. Several more body configurations based on the existing concepts will be presented in the coming months as well as the technologies behind these vehicles.

The timing for the development of this vehicle could not be better as Canada is investing heavily into tapping its plentiful natural resources for local battery production. Canada’s hi-tech sector and parts suppliers are at the forefront of Electric Vehicle technology and innovation. Outstanding Canadian political leadership at the Federal and Provincial levels is helping to build a World Class Electric Vehicle Supply Chain in Canada. Given Canada’s long history of stability, close proximity to the U.S. market and access to the world market, all the ingredients necessary for the Maple Majestic brand to be successful are present.

For updates on Maple Majestic, we invite interested parties to www.facebook.com/CANU.MapleMajestic

For video footage of Maple Majestic Kombi-Kross visit https://youtu.be/JF1nOGQHyTs

Arkadiusz Kaminski
AK Motor International Corporation
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