All-New Version of PhotoPad Announced

SEATTLE, July 14, 2022 – PhotoPad is all-new, with great features in an easy-to-use suite of design software. This update will make it easier than ever for small businesses to create and publish meaningful visual content on all social media platforms. No design skills are needed, just title, tap and share.

“We have simplified the content creation process for small businesses”

Customized templates, animations, video, graphics, shoppable product tags, stock photos and videos, stickers and backgrounds are just a few of the new features that make PhotoPad a perfect way for small businesses to create visual content that  ‘clicks.’  Our template features small business photo story, photo blogs, and photo collages beautifully presented and designed to reach customers and drive ecommerce.

“Photo stories are the #1 way to market your business on social media,” said Najm.

PhotoPad founder Diane Najm shares her vision, “Our goal is to empower small businesses to use their photos, and drag and drop into our pre-design templates. With brand new layouts, features and add-ins, it’s easy to create anything from graphics, photo stories, presentations, blogs and more. Within minutes and with a few taps, publish to all social media and marketing channels.”

“Give a few minutes of time and PhotoPad will give small businesses a feature”

To celebrate the big new release, PhotoPad will feature small businesses in their Give-Give “Photo Collage Challenge.” With a couple of photos in PhotoPad’s new template, small businesses can tell a brand story and connect with a target audience. Along with a beautiful graphic, PhotoPad will interview business owners on Instagram Live, social media, blogs and in their newsletter.

It’s a win for small businesses and supports economic growth.

“Sharing stories, photographs, and our own face builds social trust and makes our brand come alive and PhotoPad helps tell my stories with flair.” ~ Deb Host of #SocialTrust Twitter Chat

“We want to amplify the impact small businesses have by making their story stand out with photo stories, photo blogs, collages, presentations and graphics. And for a limited time, all of this is being offered at no charge,” Najm said.

Click here to get started.

“It is an effective and easy way to share my brand story. Love that it links back to my online shop so that my customers can shop to make a purchase.”  – Jen Jedda, Founder/CEO of JJCaprices, who travels the world and offers one-of-a-kind artisan treasures that can be found at

PhotoPad is based in Seattle, Washington.

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