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Real estate is key to wealth. Buying real estate gets you property to live in or use. Selling property brings you a profit. Investing in real estate will give you opportunities to earn big. Because it’s such a huge deal, you need more than just a plan to get it done. What’s vital is a dedicated two-woman team of real estate professionals who love to see their clients win.

Luv Real Estate is a GTA-based real estate agency specializing in helping their clients in and around the GTA buy, sell, and invest in real estate, ranging from residential to commercial to even scenic cottage or vacation properties. For property buyers, sellers, and investors looking for a reliable all-in-one source of real estate expertise and guidance, Luv is all you need.

With 35 years in the real estate business, the Luv Real Estate Team was founded and initially led by veteran realtor Vera Kozel. Since Vera’s retirement, her daughter Lori Cascioli, and granddaughter Brittney Marino, have stepped up to head the team. Considering that three generations of their family have handled the real estate deals of a combined hundred if not thousands of clients, it checks out that making clients feel like part of the family is integral to the Luv Team’s brand of services. “Sometimes, people are afraid to push for investing, buying, or selling real estate. They’re worried about the results and if there would be any strategies or safety nets to keep them safe from poor outcomes. We strive to provide a client-centric service that covers all the bases to ensure our clients enjoy and trust the process with us and can rest easy knowing we’ll work our hardest to help them reach their goals.” Brittney explains.

According to Brittney, the heart of the Luv Team’s operations is the mission to act as the “right people and support system” for their clients. They do this by bringing into play their many connections with various associates, professionals, and contractors in the real estate field, allowing the team to form custom strategies to help their clients accomplish their goals. Brittney said it best, “By staying on top of the latest developments and changes in the real estate industry, we’re one of the best-equipped agencies out there in terms of how flexible our services can be. We can get our clients the best deals, on top of acting as their trustworthy guide throughout and beyond the real estate process.”

Apart from the usual buying, selling, and investing, The Luv Team also includes portfolio building, property management, interior design advice, and lease or rent options in their comprehensive list of services. They even offer a guarantee to their property seller clients, promising to get their home sold or buy it themselves. Its offers and services like theirs have allowed the Luv Real Estate Team to claim a spot among the top 1% of realtors in their area and prove that it’s good to be part of the family in today’s real estate market.

With Canadian property prices at their highest and continually rising, the best time to get into real estate is now. Whether it’s your first time buying or selling a property, or the tenth time, having the help of a dedicated team of real estate professionals that will treat you like family can make all the difference between busting out or striking gold. Become part of the family, and schedule a call with the Luv Real Estate Team at your earliest convenience.

About Luv Real Estate
Luv Real Estate is a full-service real estate agency. It is led by a mother-daughter duo of expert realtors who serve as an all-in-one source of real estate support and solutions. They are based in and cater to property buyers, sellers, and investors all around the GTA.

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