Americans Hunt for Certified Canadian Online Pharmacies to Avoid Rogue Pharmacies

It’s always important to make an informed decision where you get your medication. While convenient, many online pharmacies are considered “Rogue pharmacies” that may not provide safe and effective medication.

Your Canada Drug Store has 20 years of combined experience in the online pharmacy industry. They work hard to ensure that safe and effective medication can be affordable for the people that need it. They provide these tips to ensure that you are working with a legitimate and trustworthy online pharmacy.

1: Make sure it approved by CIPA and Pharmacychecker

Objective Third-party organizations are important to ensure you’re getting objective information about companies. CIPA and pharmacy checkers monitor online pharmacies to ensure that they comply with all the rules and regulations of the industry. A seal of approval by BOTH of these companies will ensure that you are working with a quality website.

2: Never order from a pharmacy that does not require a prescription.

Selling prescription drugs without a medical prescription is illegal. While it is sometimes difficult or costly to see a doctor, it is a prerequisite to find a legitimate source of the medication. If an online pharmacy is willing to send a medication without the proper documents, they will likely not follow safety guidelines or send a quality product.

While it may be tempting to take the easy route, your pharmacy should do its best to protect your health. If a website follows the proper guidelines of an online pharmacy, that is a good sign they are trustworthy.

3: Check that the website has encryption technology to protect your information.

While this may not be obvious to most people, website security should be a major concern. You likely need to provide personal, medical, and financial information to the website. While there are indications on the URL, they should provide their web severity credentials prominently on the front page. SSL encryption is the standard. You should also check the website’s privacy policy to ensure that they specify their personal information policy.

4: Ensure they have a pharmacist available for counseling

While many individuals are well educated on how to take their medicine, always check to make sure you can speak to a pharmacist when necessary. Online pharmacies have an obligation to ensure patients can use their medication properly and are cognizant of any potential risks. A website that will offer a medication without a licensed pharmacist on staff is likely willing to compromise your health.

5: Only order from a website that indicates where the medicine comes from

Most online pharmacies offer medication from around the world. Some individuals have preferences on where their medication comes from. Products from Canada and the U.K are often preferred even if they cost more.

There can be affordable and safe options from India and Turkey. Even if you do not have a specific preference in favor of the best prices, make sure that you are at least aware of where your products are dispensed from.

Pharmacies that are not transparent about this may be sourcing counterfeit medication from other countries. When an online pharmacy includes the country of origin, it confirms they have a relationship with that pharmacy and they are a reliable source of medication.

A website that does not properly evaluate its dispensing pharmacy partners may get their medicine from regulated supply chains. It may not be safe or effective.

6: Look at the reviews online

Customer reviews are a prediction of your potential experience with those companies. Everyone’s opinion should matter.

Companies that do not have a third-party review service may be trying to hide something. A successful and customer-focused Prescription drugs company should have mostly 5-staMedia Contactr reviews. People provide reviews of their own volition and as long as an objective third party service is hosting the review, they can work to inform you if people are happy using a service.

7: Make sure they guarantee their products

Even if you have taken painstaking care in choosing an online pharmacy, sometimes mistakes can happen. Occasionally things may get lost in the mail, or someone may make a mistake. When these things happen, the pharmacy should have a robust return policy or money-back guarantee. Online pharmacies that do not have a return guarantee do not trust their products and will not assist you when something happens that is out of your control. You should not take a risk when you order medicine online. Always review the website’s return policy to ensure they are reliable.

Finding a pharmacy that is genuinely concerned about your safety and well-being. According to the CDC, 1 in 10 Americans needs to ration their medicine and skip doses due to high drug costs. Once you have established a relationship with a professional online pharmacy, it should help manage your therapeutic drug plan.

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