Announcing the Launch of Air Tap Drums, an Innovative Digital Drum Set that Turns People Into Instant Musicians

James Spencer is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Air Tap Drums, a futuristic digital drum set that will turn people into any famous legendary drummer they wish.

As a spokesperson for Air Tap Drums noted, Spencer knows that while many people dream about playing the drums, they may not have the coordination to play or the time and money to take lessons.

This knowledge inspired Spencer to create Air Tap Drums, a digital drum set that will turn anyone, anywhere into an instant musician-all without the physical demands, huge learning curve and years of practice.

“James is out to change the world of how people perceive and approach playing the drums,” the spokesperson noted, adding that Air Tap Drums is currently the subject of a fundraiser on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

“Air Tap Drums will do this through its patent-pending secret ‘splitting audio atoms’ formula complied into a one-of-a-kind drum machine system.”

To use Air Tap Drums, players simply have to tap on the different colored sections of the drum-head screens; this will cause it to let out real acoustic drum set sound that is fully capturable.

While traditional drum machines and electronic drum set sound-banks tend to have an unrealistic sound, Air Tap Drums and its digital output will be virtually impossible to differentiate from actual drums.

Musicians can bring their Air Tap Drums into the recording studio if they wish, the spokesperson said. Also, budding musicians at home can use the customizable packs to take the drum kick of Def Leppard, mix it with another band’s snare drum and then add in the toms of Van Halen’s “Jump,” thus creating their own unique pack.

Air Tap Drums will be idea for people of all ages and skill levels, the spokesperson noted, including those who enjoy playing the video game “Guitar Hero.”

“With its light screens that can be tapped and drum packs that are magical when compared to anything else on the market, Air Tap Drums is set to change the world of drumming forever,” the spokesperson said.

About Air Tap Drums:

Air Tap Drums, a new digital drum set, is designed to change the way people perceive and approach playing the drums. The innovative system can turn anyone into an instant musician without years of lessons.


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