Arizona Startup Offers Solution to Food Security Concerns

Silo Backup Supply, a Phoenix Arizona startup, is launching a food security membership plan that will ship food on demand from their climate-controlled warehouses. Plans start at $100 plus a monthly storage fee.

Silo Backup Supply, a Phoenix-based startup, announced a solution to provide individuals and families with an extensive emergency food supply and off-site storage. Silo refers to the offering as Essential Goods Assurance. The concept is like insurance in that it provides a guarantee of food and other essential products to its members. Silo does this by storing food and other items in secure, climate-controlled facilities, ready to be shipped upon demand to a member’s home, vacation home or other US location.

“Our goal is to provide the ultimate hands-off prepping solution,” said Daniel Oertle, President and co-founder. “We believe a proper emergency food supply should be within reach for all Americans, regardless of where they live or how much storage space they have in their home.”

The team at Silo Backup Supply developed the concept after witnessing the impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on supply chains. “The experience of being unable to purchase toilet paper and sufficient amounts of non-perishable food at stores made me realize how surprisingly fragile our global supply chains are. Supply chain disruptions continue to cause unanticipated shortages in supermarkets and elsewhere”, explained Oertle. “Most businesses have backup supplies of critical resources; we believe individuals and families also need a reliable backup supply of food and other essentials for their security and peace of mind.”

Silo’s hands-off long-term emergency food system addresses the storage problem many families face. “The biggest issue for most people is finding sufficient space in their homes to store enough food to carry them through a potential long-term food shortage”, said Alan Robezzoli, co-founder. “Our solution eliminates that problem.”

Silo’s membership plans will be available for as little as $100 plus a low monthly storage fee and will be based on family size and the amount of backup supplies desired.

Individuals interested in learning more about Silo Backup Supply and securing a spot on their product launch can visit their website at

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  • Silo Backup Supply LLC is a Phoenix Arizona-based company offering off-site long-term food and essential items storage in secure, climate-controlled facilities, ready to ship on demand to their customers. Find them at or email

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