Aspire Announces Productivity Summit For Women

“Maximize Your Day” Online Event to Highlight Productivity Boosting Tips & Tricks Using the Aspire Productivity App”

Leading productivity-boosting App developer Aspire Productivity announced plans for a free virtual productivity summit for women, titled Maximize Your Day, on April 29th, 2021. Co-hosted by noted business coach Jessica Rosario and Aspire founder Deanna Decker, the online event will also feature a slate of women speakers representing an array of backgrounds and experiences.

Announcing the event in a video message, Ms. Decker recounted her personal struggles, as a busy entrepreneur and professional, with getting organized and productive. She shared her efforts of a search for that “perfect” productivity boosting App…in vain:

“Here’s the thing, I have tried many different productivity and time management apps…..But it seems like they were all missing one or a few important functions or they were not very easy to use. This left me feeling unorganized, and frustrated. I wrote down what it was I was looking for, and I set out to create it.”

The result is the Aspire Productivity App, that Ms. Decker and her team have built from ground-up. Rich in practical functionality, the Aspire Team refers to their creation as “The Digital Planner App that is Finally Functional!”

Through the Maximize Your Day summit, participants will learn from the personal experiences of other successful women, about work-life balance, focusing on what matters, prioritizing life events…and more. The slate of women speakers includes renowned influencers, business leaders, life coaches and technology professionals, among a host of others.

Participants will learn from personal accounts of how these speakers balance their family, work and overall life. They’ll also learn how to use some of the powerful features in the Aspire Productivity App to help them manage their day and be more productive and stress-free. the organizers hope to inspire women to aspire towards greater productivity – both in their professional and personal lives.

In Ms. Decker’s words:

“Aspire allows you to get deep with your work and achieve your goals…Being productive is finally fun and functional!”

The free event, scheduled for Thursday April 29th, 2021, will start at 11am and will run until 2pm (EST). Participants must pre-register, with additional details on the agenda emailed to registered participants.

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