Assistant Principal publishes Self-Reflection book series for Educators to Enhance Instruction and Student Achievement

Let’s Refine Our Practice Together!!

A new book by educational mindset specialist, Jami Fowler-White, provides a timely and much-needed resource for teachers and school leaders seeking to understand the self-reflection continuum and its impact on teacher effectiveness and academic achievement.

Educator Reflection Tips, Volume II Book Reviews

“Reflecting on our experiences allows us to grow from them.  But how can we reflect and what should we reflect?  This guide provides you the tools necessary to become a reflective practitioner and increase the impact you have on students’ learning.  And, it will help you feel even better about yourself as you realize the skills you are developing.”

 ~Douglas Fisher, Author, San Diego State University

“What separates a good teacher from a great teacher is the ability to reflect. At the top of Bloom’s Taxonomy is Creation, but when we can take the time to reflect on what we have created then spend the time to make it better, we have really entered into a world of excellence”.

~Dr. Dave Schmittou, Author, Speaker, Educational Change Agent

“We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.” John Dewey stated. Jami Fowler-White is your guide for reflecting and learning from your experiences. Educator Reflection Tips Volume 11 is a call to excellence through self-reflection, learning, and growing. Jami clearly outlines how to reach excellence through four pillars: classroom competency, critical literacy, cyber connection, and classroom culture. She masterfully crafts a beautiful blend of facts backed by research and wisdom from overcoming challenging personal experiences. Each tip is a blueprint toward transformational reflection, which she tenderly reminds us is a personal journey with no right or wrong way to go as long as you are trying. It will not only transform your thinking and life but all those you teach and lead.”

~Pamela Hall, Award-winning Educator, Author, & Speaker at

Fowler- White, shares a powerful and in-depth work offering a plethora of relevant, refreshing, and insightful strategies and resources. Her unique approach to educator practice aligns with various perspectives from inquiry, guidance, and activities to deeply enrich the experience of reflection within a variety of platforms. 

~Dr. Dolores Cormier-Zenon, NBCT 

Vice-Chairman ~ National Board Network of Minoritized Educators

“Reflection is the most important tool educators can have in their toolbox. Teachers have a responsibility and obligation to continue to hone these skills and foster reflection not only in their own practices but instill the same practices in those around them. What better way to go about this process than with “Educator Reflection Tips?” Jami has crafted a go-to guide dedicated to ensuring the art of reflection is not only mastered by her readers, but fostered overtime as a continual area of growth within each of us. We can be Better. Thank you Jami for challenging our thinking and helping us reach more students!”

~Rae Hughart, Chief Marketing Officer, Teach Better Team

… an impactful, yet practical guide full of essential information that allows educators to cultivate habits of effectiveness. As the profession that makes all other professions possible, education is essential. From first-year educators to those who have committed their entire career to education, everyone can find practical application from these advanced self-reflective questions and tips. The guidance found here will prompt individuals to embrace a growth mindset and create a culture of social and emotional wellbeing. This will ultimately help achieve the overarching purpose of every educator’s mission – greater student achievement academically, socially, and emotionally.  

~LaTonya Barnes Sibley, PhD, NBCT

National Education Consultant

The book, Educator Reflection Tips, Volume II: Refining Our Practice offers an easy-to-understand overview of the art of reflecting on your own instructional practice, how setting aside time to routinely think about and pose reflective questions can have a tremendous impact on instruction and student outcomes. This book uses the most critical topics educators are facing today, provides research around each topic, guides readers through a shift in mindset, the process of creating an action plan, and provokes readers to commit to enhancing their craft. 

“For the second time in two weeks, I walked into a classroom that needed to be transformed into a cozy and welcoming space for students over a weekend. Monday, I met my second set of second-grade students as teacher NUMBER FIVE in their second-grade experience. ”

The Educator Reflection Tips book series deepens teacher’s knowledge of using introspection and thoroughly examining aspects of their instructional practice. Jami Fowler-White uses questions to provoke readers to think deeply about their classroom experiences and prompts committing to actions that will enhance teaching and learning. After reading this book, you will begin to grow professionally. No longer will you depend on the traditional method of waiting on feedback from administrators and colleagues. You will be equipped with instruments to routinely consider where you are on the self-reflection continuum and use the tools to create action steps for improvement. Volume #2 in this series takes readers on a deep dive to determine habits of effectiveness in these critical areas: 

  • Classroom Competence
  • Critical Literacy
  • Cyber Connection
  • Classroom Culture

 The 10 tips highlighted within these competencies invites each of you to embark on this journey of contemplation, heightened awareness, and action-oriented transformation. Each Reflection Tip is uniquely crafted to empower educators to think critically about key factors which influence student outcomes. Let’s redefine how you approach instruction together.

Educator Reflection Tips, Volume II should be on the bookshelf of every teacher, administrator, instructional coach, and district leader. It is available at leading online booksellers, including, as an e-book or in paperback.

Jami Fowler-White is a twenty-three-year educator and founder of Digital PD 4 You, an educational consultant company aimed at helping to improve teacher practice across the world. She and her husband offer PD and mentoring services for individual teachers and school districts. The first consult is FREE. She is also an assistant principal, National Board mentor for First-Time and Renewal Candidates, a podcast host, poet, and author of Educator Reflection Tips, Volume I and the co-author of The Skin You are In: Colorism in the Black Community, 2nd edition and Edumatch’s Snapshot in Education 2020: Remote Learning Edition. Jami also creates bi-monthly Reflection Tips for educators on her blog,  actively provides bi-weekly Educator Reflection Tip (Snapshots) on Twitter @JjJj821 and on the Educator Reflection Tips Facebook group. Fowler-White also has a monthly series entitled, The Better Mindset, with, and a bi-monthly Leadership blog with InsightAdvance. Contact Mrs. Fowler-White at 1-931-452-1292 or 

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