Auction for top investors backing the first global real – Metaverse convergent platform

MetaAlliance Corp. has licensed the exclusive rights for real – Metaverse convergent DTC service platform, to Metabook Sharing Economy, first Metabusiness decentralized organization, aimed at democratization of the access to digital health in XR form.

Metabook has deployed a global network of MetaMarketing partners, preparing an INO for backing 200 MetaBusiness offices for distribution of Metaverse and Telewelness (XR health) innovative technologies.

Prof.Michio Kaku said: “Physics can drive industrial revolutions and is the future of wealth. Perfect capitalism relies on innovation and people, and social systems can adapt to the fallout that comes with advancing technology.”

His vision is similar to the vision of MetaAlliance Advisory Board members. The Chairman’s of the Board Brett King’s book “Technosocialism” has become a bestseller 3 months ago,  and Metabook principles are following this vision of the abundant benefits of innovations.

Metabook meritocratic principle: fair sharing of 90% revenues with those who work.

This principle is confirmed by a crowdsourcing contest:
up to $1Mln for the most active Metabook contributor.. He will be selected to the Advisory Board and get the same compensation, as other renowned members of the Board (Dr.Robert Goldman, Brett King).

MetaAlliance CCO Bruce Jeong was named the Eurasia Representative of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi. See

He, and Fabrice Grinda, and other investors are considering backing the Metabook, first decentralized NFT book of game-changing innovations.

List of innovations is topped by Aimedis that has opened Meta Health City!

At the auction, Aimdeis compete for World’s Greatest Martial Artists to be put on the walls of Aimedis Health City.…

Second game-changer in the list of Metaverse partners is Arcona, a global augmented reality ecosystem primarily designed for remote positioning and management of 3D content outdoors.

Immersive Mixed Reality to enable unique Augmented ad underpinned by NFTs. That is an exclusive ad mechanism for Metaverse-oriented leaders.

Auction for 10% royalty from the network of Metaverse & XR health innovations distribution starts in one week.

The auction is annpunced for the 200 Governance NFTs. Now is Metaverse Wild West, who first books country rights in United States of Metaverse, might become multimillionaire in 4 – 5 years.
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