Author Examines A New Perspective on Deadly Diseases Through A Spiritual Approach

Clairaudient author Ronald L. Besser shares unique insight from celestial archives in ‘The Origins of AIDS and Autism’

Retired civil engineer and author Ronald L. Besser has released an easy-to-read, unique presentation of ideas in “The Origins of AIDS and Autism.” Besser’s second book examines several diseases, their effects on humankind and the world and potential treatments to eradicate them from society forever. Being clairaudient, Besser first learned to scribe from the ethereal spirits decades ago. The author shares revelatory findings inspired by his ability to connect to medical professionals beyond the realm of Earth.

“The Origins of AIDS and Autism” offers many spiritual perceptions into the world’s history and medical conditions as it continues to battle deadly contagions and a pandemic. Within this insightful text, Besser explores the start of AIDS and how it took millions of lives globally and its treatments. He also examines the definition of autism and its origins, treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and Lupus and discusses why all vaccines must have clinical trials before being distributed to the public. Because of Besser’s distinct ability to connect to medical professionals beyond the realm of Earth, he presents this text to inform readers through a spiritual approach the nature of many lethal diseases affecting the world.

“Through my clairaudient abilities, I have developed writing skills as ascribe to some of the highest levels of the medical profession in spirit,” said Besser. “Together, we have come up with this book to benefit humankind.”

The focus of this book is to inform and educate readers using spiritual methodology on the origins, effects and potential treatments for deadly diseases, specifically appealing to the intelligent layman and those wishing to live a natural existence. Ultimately, “The Origins of AIDS and Autism” introduces spiritual findings based on the author’s clairaudience abilities.

“The Origins of AIDS and Autism”
By Ronald L. Besser
ISBN: 9781665702249 (softcover); 9781665702256 (hardcover); 9781665702263 (electronic)
Available at AmazonBarnes & Noble and Archway Publishing

About the author
Ronald L. Besser was a civil administrator for 30 years. Upon retiring, he began writing words from medical doctors from spirit to mind, which began in July of 1988 and continues today. He earned a bachelor’s degree in history from York College. He is a veteran of military service during the Vietnam War. Besser’s profession was in the sciences but his heart was always with the service to God and his superlative ways to heal serious diseases for the better of all mankind. “The Origins of AIDS and Autism” is his second book. Currently, Besser resides in York, Pennsylvania.

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