BankIQ Announces Low-Cost Cannabis Banking

Comprehensive, low-cost banking services designed for the cannabis industry

BankIQ is now providing low-cost cannabis banking and cash processing for licensed Cannabis Related Businesses (CRBs) across the United States.

Leveraging existing armored cash transportation relationships, with more than 150 cash vaults across the U.S., BankIQ aims to be the low-cost cash processing provider. BankIQ and its partner financial institutions offer a lower-cost solution to a cannabis industry feeling pressure from declining retail prices due to an oversupply of inventory.

BankIQ’s team has provided banking and cash logistics services to complex, highly regulated industries since 2007. Utilizing a proven business model of partnering with several financial institutions that understand the specific needs of the cannabis industry, BankIQ ensures its clients always have a bank to rely on.


Leveraging our existing infrastructure allows BankIQ to be the low-cost cash processing solution for the Cannabis industry.

Our extensive history with highly regulated businesses provides BankIQ the unique experience to offer to the cannabis industry superior service at a better price. Utilizing our team’s experience, along with existing bank and vendor relationships, allows us to provide banking and cash logistics services to our clients at a fee structure that can result in considerable savings compared to the current CRB banking environment.


BankIQ’s proprietary Provisional Posting software provides CRBs access to funds received for each day’s sales activity by 9:00 am ET the following morning, providing a distinct advantage to BankIQ’s partner banks and clients.

Overnight availability of funds allows BankIQ’s clients to operate their business on less working capital, creating greater efficiencies and profitability.

BankIQ is the only cannabis-friendly banking solution that offers a portfolio of redundant financial institutions willing to serve the varied needs of the cannabis industry. BankIQ’s network of cannabis-friendly banks and services helps mitigate the threat of bank discontinuance and provides ongoing, sustainable, and scalable banking and support services.

By contracting with more than 150 Cash Vault facilities managed by BankIQ’s partner financial institutions providing services nationwide to all legally licensed cannabis-related businesses, regardless of geographic proximity to the bank.

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