Battery Recycling Company Battery Pollution Extends Business Registrations

Battery Recycling company Battery Pollution secures business registrations reinforcing the importance of cobalt recycling & critical minerals recycling within its business model

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Battery recycling and recycling technology startup Battery Pollution today announced a series of business name registrations as it formulates the technology operations of its business model.

The supply chain for various metals will become more important as the demand for batteries increases in the coming 5 years. The effective recycling of specific materials from spent batteries will form an important part of the supply chain, but provide confidence over control of critical materials.

For this reason various additional business registrations have been effected being “Cobalt Recycling“, “Rare Earths Recycling“, “Critical Minerals Recycling” & “Critical Elements Recycling“. Domain names associated with these business registrations have also been secured.

“The reliable sourcing of rare earths, cobalt and other critical minerals will become one of the largest challenges facing the electric economy as the reliance on battery technology increases” Nicholas Assef, Battery Pollution’s CEO & Founder stated.

“The technology initiatives of our recycling company Battery Pollution in relation to the recovery of these critical elements we hope will contribute in time to the lowering on reliance on mining minerals such as cobalt from geographies including the Democratic Republic of Congo” Nicholas Assef continued. “Ensuring that we control business registrations and online domain name property is an important early step in the reinforcement and commitment of Battery Pollution to the development of specific high value recycling solutions” Nicholas Assef concluded.

Battery Pollution is a specialist recycling and recycling technology company focussed on the repurposing of spent batteries to both recover critical materials and reduce the polluting of earth’s environment. Battery Pollution’s recycling process is aimed at maximising the recovery of rare earth materials and other critical metals including cobalt, lithium, copper, nickel and aluminium.

Founded in Australia Battery Pollution is aspirational to deliver battery recycling solutions on an Asia wide basis. The name has been chosen to highlight the issues spent batteries pose. As Battery Pollution’s mission statement states the company is focussed on “Dealing with the dark side of the battery revolution™”.


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