Be a Part of the Solution: Love the Bus and the Zero Emission Bus Solution

Since 2007, American School Bus Council (ASBC) has celebrated the school bus’ influence on learning through stories that span the nation. Each year, they invite students, schools, and educators to highlight the important role of the yellow school bus in their communities and show appreciation for the school bus drivers who safely transport more than 25 million children to and from school every day.

This year, Vanner wants to take this message one step forward- Love the Bus and Love the Zero Emission Bus Solution. The Revolution Bus is an aftermarket bridge technology that takes your diesel bus and makes it part of the air quality solution. Eliminate idling while using the air conditioner and the 12-volt accessories, producing ZERO emissions and saving fuel. With the Revolution bus, the driver and students will love the bus and love the ZERO bus emissions.

According to the American Heart Association, Long-term exposure to air pollution, even at low levels, can increase the risk for heart and lung disease. Air pollutants can harm the heart and lungs by causing inflammation.

Exposure to fine particulate matter increases the risk for heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia and rapid and irregular heartbeats. Long-term exposure to nitrogen dioxide increases the risk for stroke and atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat also called AFib. And long-term exposure to ozone increases pneumonia risk.

Steve Funk, President, notes “There have been several studies done on the effect diesel fumes have on people’s lives, but the fumes impact the lives of children even more, especially those with special needs. Children with special needs require a constant temperature environment with limited exposure to diesel fumes. Until the patented Revolution technology was developed, this was not possible. With Revolution, a school bus can go into the school zone to load and unload students and turn the engine off while continuing to air condition the bus. Revolution can also operate wheelchair lifts without the engine running.”

In fact, a meta-analysis of 14 air pollution studies published in a special issue on air pollution in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that exposure to high levels of air pollutants during childhood increases the likelihood of high blood pressure in children and adolescents, and their risk for high blood pressure as adults.

Additional studies examined the effects of diesel exhaust on the muscle sympathetic nerve; the impact of pollutants on high blood pressure; rates of hospital readmission for heart failure among those exposed to high levels of ambient air pollution; and risk of stroke and heart attack after long-term exposure to high levels of particulate matter.

So, what is the district waiting for? Jump on the Revolution: love the Bus and love the zero-emission bus solution.

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