Bell Code Co Launches Two New Amazon Limited Aroma Products

The AROPO Aroma Diffuser will be launched in Japan and Asia in early 2023. The environmentally safe and compact product comes in two different colors, Black and Concrete, each with wooden decorative elements.

Bell Code Co., Ltd. and Representative Director Masaya Onishi are pleased to announce the launch of new Amazon Limited aroma products as holiday gifts. The portable essential oil heating diffuser does not need fire, water or electricity to diffuse essential oils. The lightweight diffuser is safe to carry anywhere.

AROPO New Sensation Aroma Diffuser BWDF3 is made of Black and Wood. It is compact enough to carry anywhere and acts as a diffuser to relieve stress, reduce stress and recharge energy depending on the type of essential oil. A functional diffuser next to your bed can improve your sleep.

The AROPO Jumbimoa Series is designed to perform the same functions as New Sensation. The device supports the diffusion of aroma by heat. This unit is portable and can be carried anywhere at any time. The color scheme of the Jumbimoa is concrete.

The first sustainable New Sensation Safety Aroma Diffuser uses a heat sheet. The effects of the warmed essential oils are effective and stable. Moreover, the heat sheets can be reused, although not reheated. Add a few drops of a favorite essential oil on the sheet for even more pleasure. This device uses the same principle as warmers and the heat-generating sheet is designed for the device to release the odor for up to 50 minutes. It’s not sticky nor produces any noise.

AROPO is sold as an Amazon limited to brand. The diffuser was patented in Japan on September 16, 2022. The diffuser will be available in Asia and European countries on Amazon in January 2023. New production is still in progress, with additional choices in materials and new shapes.

The AROPO development was a response to the suggestions and complaints of customers who purchased other aroma brands. Some of the negative aspects of earlier aroma diffusers include noise, open flames, and the challenge of cleaning. AROPO’s volatilization equipment uses electricity to heat and release the aromatic components of essential oils.

Because there is no open flame, the diffusers are perfect greatly suitable for hospitals and nursing homes. Essential oils that give off strong scents are the best choice for use in a heat-activated diffuser. The diffuser is perfect for tent camping, yoga class, cars, or anywhere else where relaxation, energy, calming, or other essential oils are beneficial. The fragrance can be changed according to your specific needs.

Essential oils act by skin absorption and olfaction. Some of the benefits of essential oils include reducing anxiety, reducing stress, boosting energy, and improving sleep. More tips for its use can be found at:


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Waste from the contents of the body warmers produced in the manufacturing process is sent to GO Green for reuse.

※Bell Code Co., LTD. is an official sponsor of Go green.

※Bell Code Co., LTD. is an official sponsor of Go green.

ABOUT Bell Code Co., LTD. The firm was founded in October of 2014 and established in February 2017. The product launch was announced in September 2022, with planned release in Asia and Europe early in 2023. Further information about the store can be found at

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