Working all through the night to finish multiple assignments is a common occurrence for students everywhere. Impossible deadlines, strict professors, reports, essays, and presentations all due on the same day; it’s no wonder students struggle while under so much pressure. Luckily, there is a solution. 

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Essay writing websites are known to provide “sample” essays, reports, even dissertations at short notice, so students can focus on the modules that matter. Still, finding a legitimate site that provides high-quality work quickly and efficiently is crucial. That’s why this article has taken on the challenge and reviewed some of the best essay writing services available.

How The Top Essay Writing Services Were Evaluated

Quality – Obviously, the main thing you will consider when looking for an online writer is the quality of writing. The evaluated online services must hire ENL with college degrees to make it onto this top 5 list. The writers should also have good grammar, punctuation, and lexicon.

Pricing – Value for money is another thing students will have to consider. The cost per page incurred should match the quality of the product. Though cheap services may look appealing, customers may suffer in the long run. A fairly priced online service, however, should offer both a fair price and quality essay.

Turnaround time – An online writing company should ensure that they can complete the issued assignment in good time. Most online writing services offer a 3-hour turnaround time. 

Customer support – For a site to be labeled as good, it needs to have effective and efficient customer service.

The 5 Best Essay Assignment Writing Services Reviewed

1. Essay Factory – Best Essay Writing Service for UK Students

This site is particularly suited to UK grammar. There are some minute yet significant differences between US English and UK English. These intricacies can and will be spotted by your professor or teacher. Thus, it is paramount that students based in the UK find an online writing service that can provide essays written in UK English.

Essay Factory Positives

  • Starting price as low as 10.92 dollars
  • Free revisions
  • 5% discount on the first essay
  • Writers are native UK authors

Essay Factory Drawbacks

  • Focuses on higher education
  • Fewer writers than other websites

Essay Factory can handle a plethora of essays, from term paper wrings and research work to admission essays and dissertation work. They also offer free plagiarism checks and free revisions.

The site has over 1700 active essay writers and a 96.8% delivery efficiency. Additionally, they have some low prices, starting from 10.92 dollars. Customers also receive a 5% discount on their first essay.

2. Grademiners – Best Essay Writing Service Overall

Grademiners are, without a doubt, one of the best essay writing services on the internet. The company has over 3,500 essay writers who are always on standby to help any and all students, regardless of where they are in the world.

Grademiners Positives

  • Competitive prices
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Quick turnaround time (3-hour deadlines)
  • 15% discounts available
  • 97% of all papers are submitted on time

Grademiners Drawbacks

  • Not the cheapest
  • The revision process can be slow

Essay writers on this site have helped as many as 56,000 students write their essays, with topics spanning a wide variety of subjects and disciplines. The website has a customer satisfaction rating of 97%. Most of the clients that use the site rarely request revisions.

Though most of the writers are English Second Language, it’s often not noticeable. The website also offers competitive prices without affecting the quality of the essay.

Customers can entrust the writers at Grademiners to provide quality work in almost any field. From Thesis proposal to college, Ph.D., undergraduate, and high school argumentative essays, you can also order a cover letter, copywriting, and resume writing services.

3. 99papers – Most Affordable Essay Writing Service

For customers who need an essay written at the lowest price possible, 99papers is the best choice. This site is one of the cheapest online writing services available in the United States. 

99papers Positives

  • Prices are extremely low (9.95 dollars)
  • Round the clock customer support
  • 5% discount for first-time customers
  • Users can message the writer directly
  • Quick turnaround (about 3 hours)
  • Numerous discounts available

99papers Drawbacks

  • Native English writers cost more
  • Statistics on the site are a bit suspicious

99papers offer a 5% discount on the first order. Furthermore, they will help you write any type of essay, ranging from research papers to SWOTS analysis reports.

One great thing about this site is the direct message features that allow customers to communicate with the writer. This will enable users to detail the intricacies they want their article or essay to have.

The company claims they have 100% delivery efficiency, which is probably an overstatement. Still, the site gives customers the option to choose between English Native Language writers or English Second Language writers, which is great for customers who want to ensure that grammar, punctuation, and readability are top-notch. 

4. Essaybox – Best Money-Back Guarantee

Essaybox has, over the last couple of years, become known for offering quality essays ranging from college essays, marketing plans, dissertations, and admissions materials. As you would expect to find with a good essay writing service, the professionals always proofread, revise and edit the essay to get exactly what you ordered.

Essaybox Positives

  • Round the clock customer support
  • 15% discount for long term member
  • 5% discount on the first essay
  • Pricing as low as 11.40 dollars
  • 3-hour turnaround

Essaybox Drawbacks

  • Customers cannot choose between ENL and ESL writers
  • Not the cheapest writing service
  • The website is a bit basic
  • Essaybox offers affordable prices as low as 11.40 dollars. First-time customers will receive a 5% discount, and as you continue to use the service, you’ll become eligible for other discounts and deals. 

On the downside, as the service has both ENL and ESL writers, customers cannot be sure who exactly will be writing the essay. Still, Essaybox has developed a strong reputation for producing high-quality work and boasts a zero-tolerance plagiarism policy, which is good to know. 

Best Essay Writing Service FAQ

Q: Are essay writing services legal?

A: They are absolutely legal. The reason behind this is that they offer model answers. The writers, essentially, offer students guidance on how they are going to navigate through the assignment.  

This means that students are supposed to rewrite the answers they are given. This is why many top essay writing services cite that they and their writers only offer model answers.

If you decide to submit these online written essays, it still isn’t illegal. 

Nevertheless, it will be against the school’s policies, meaning that you may face some repercussions if and when you are caught. Thus, students should be overly aware of hoax online writing companies. These companies blackmail students, telling them that they will report them to their respective colleges or institutions if they do not send money.

Q: What do academic writing services do?

A: Online writing services’ main aim is to assist students and professionals write essays while following the specific instructions given to them. When dealing with academic writing services, customers will be able to dictate the length, topic, writing style, and any other parameter they want the essay to be written in.

Q: How do customers pay for essay writing services?

A: This will entirely depend on the particular writing service. Most writing companies accept cards and PayPal payments. Others accept international currencies, and with some, customers can pay in installments.

Q: Are you allowed to submit the essay as your own?

A: As stated earlier, online writing companies only offer model answers. However, students can submit the essays as their own. Just be aware that though it’s not illegal, it may be against the policy of numerous, if not all, institutions.

Q: Are professional essay writers English native speakers?

A: Some of the writers in online writing companies are, in fact, English native speakers. There are, however, nonnative speakers. The latter offers the same quality, if not better, essays.

Q: Who exactly will be working on my essay?

A: It’s the writing company that will determine the particular writer that will handle your essay. Most essay writers are high-level students and graduates who are experts in particular topics and fields. The fields include law, medicine, engineering, and more.

If the online writing site allows you to communicate directly with the writer, you can ask about that particular individual’s qualifications.

Q: Can I message the writer directly?

A: Yes, you can, but this will depend on the writing service. Some companies, like 99papers, allow customers to communicate with the writer directly. For others, however, customers have to talk to the support team first if they want to pass a message to the writer.

Q: How will you tell if your essay or paper isn’t plagiarized?

A: Most websites offer a free plagiarism checker, while for some, customers have to pay an extra fee to do the check.

There is a myriad of low-cost plagiarism checkers all over the internet, and thus students can do the check on their own if they want to. 

Q: What happens if your essay is delivered late?

A: Most companies guarantee over 95% likelihood that your essay will be delivered on time. In the event, however, that it does not happen, the best essay writing sites should offer a 100% refund, though it depends on the writing company you used. 

Best Essay Writing Service: The Takeaway 

Although operating in a legal grey area, essay writing services have become the solution that helps students of any educational level and background manage the stress accompanied by multiple assignments, exams, reports, and essays. 

More often than not, students will have no choice but to take additional modules on top of their preferred subjects. These modules, although important, unfortunately, distract students from the courses they wish to excel in. 

Not to mention the additional pressures outside of school, college, or University that, although seemingly irrelevant to your teachers, will justifiably affect your quality of work. Perhaps, you have a part-time job, long commute times, or have to help your family at home during the weekends.

Either way, having deadlines on top of deadlines, it’s no surprise that a lot of students rely on essay writing websites for “less-important” subjects and to help them manage their time.

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