Bittrap Launches Bittrap 3.0 to Empower US Small Businesses With Enhanced Cybersecurity

A renewed perspective that brings protection to startups and SMBs

Bittrap, a renowned leader in endpoint security solutions, is proud to announce the launch of Bittrap 3.0, a revolutionary cybersecurity tool tailored specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). With a mission to address the growing challenges faced by SMBs exposed to escalating cyber threats, Bittrap 3.0 offers a comprehensive defense solution to safeguard sensitive data and ensure the uninterrupted operation of these organizations.

In today’s digital landscape, SMBs are increasingly becoming targets for malicious attackers, including hackers and cybercriminals. Unfortunately, many of these organizations lack the financial resources and dedicated cybersecurity personnel to effectively protect themselves or even detect ongoing attacks. According to US Census data, 99% of all businesses in the United States have 250 employees or less, making them highly vulnerable to cyber threats.

Bittrap 3.0 is an innovative cybersecurity platform designed to monitor an organization’s devices, detect potential threats, and enable faster response to attacks. With its cutting-edge features, this software empowers SMBs to take control of their cybersecurity posture, protecting valuable assets and sensitive data from malicious actors.

“We understand the challenges faced by SMBs in defending themselves against cyber threats,” said Matias Monges, CEO of Bittrap. “With Bittrap 3.0, we aim to level the playing field by providing small businesses with a powerful yet user-friendly cybersecurity solution. Our goal is to help SMBs reduce threats without the need for a dedicated cybersecurity team or extensive financial investment.”

Key features of Bittrap 3.0 include:

Device Tracking: Bittrap 3.0 keeps a comprehensive record of an organization’s devices, ensuring complete visibility and control over the digital infrastructure.

Threat Awareness: The software actively monitors for potential threats and provides real-time alerts, enabling proactive defense against cyber attacks.

Rapid Response: With Bittrap 3.0, SMBs can detect and respond swiftly to attacks, minimizing potential damages and downtime.

As part of their commitment to empowering SMBs, Bittrap is offering Bittrap 3.0 at no cost during the beta phase. Interested organizations can visit to access the platform and begin their journey toward robust digital protection.

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