Black Sheep Ops Launches First-Ever Metaverse Agency Office and Podcast Studio

Founder sets new standard with immersive metaverse solutions, innovation

Black Sheep Ops (BSO), a brand marketing agency today announced the opening of its office and podcast studio in Meta Horizons’ City of Atem located in the heart of Golden Avenue, a first of its kind.

BSO, the brainchild of entrepreneur and change agent Amy Kauffman, emerges as the first marketing agency to establish a physical office in the metaverse. The launch marks a defining moment, positioning the agency as the trailblazer with an unparalleled focus on innovation.

“I am thrilled for the expansion into the metaverse to reshape brand experiences and redefine marketing strategies for the digital era,” said Kauffman, Founder and CEO. “This move reflects the commitment to best- and next- practices, empowering brands to excel in the metaverse.”

Designed with creativity and collaboration in mind, the office serves as the ultimate marketing hub. BSO’s metaverse office is a bi-level floor plan with design inspired by Kauffman’s modern taste with biophilic aesthetics. The space features a state-of-the-art podcast studio, brainstorming loft and conference room.

The tech-forward company doubles-down to deliver advanced strategies for brands with a blend of traditional expertise and transformational methodology.

“As a marketing leader I believe it is my responsibility to demystify new technology channels and remove barriers, or the unknowns, to entry,” said Kauffman. “With VR/XR marketers can tap into the power of storytelling and create compelling experiences to captivate and connect with consumers on a deeper level.”

The BSO metaverse office is now open and the cutting-edge podcast studio is also available for lease or rent, providing content creators with an ideal platform to expand their reach in new formats.

The upcoming BSO meta office launch event will be announced soon as well as office hours for the new meta location.

BSO offers a comprehensive suite of brand marketing and metaverse services, including metaverse strategy, immersive advertising campaigns, and event planning and activation within virtual spaces.

For more information about BSO’s metaverse services and the availability of the podcast studio, please visit

lack Sheep Ops is a full-service brand marketing and growth agency. BSO is a tech-forward innovative marketing agency that has embraced the metaverse with the launch of its office in Meta Horizons. With a comprehensive range of metaverse services and a state-of-the-art podcast studio, the agency empowers brands to navigate the digital landscape and seize new opportunities.

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