Blue Oak Empire: Offering Backbone Service for E-commerce

Being founded at a time of an economic crisis, Blue Oak Empire is bringing individuals to success through the pandemic

Blue Oak Empire doing over 26 million dollars gross a year helping clients run e-commerce accounts is a highly successful firm. They take in clients who are new to e-commerce and help them become successful on the world’s biggest online ecommerce platforms. They help clients generate a consistent income month after month. Blue Oak does most of the work for the clients. They research and find products with high sales volume and low competition and list them on behalf of the clients. They then handle every step in between from order processing to customer support. They handle everything to ensure they build highly successful stores for their clients. Their clients enjoy a hands off business. 

A lot of the small businesses and local vendors have turned to e-commerce because of the pandemic. A sudden shift in the economy led many businesses to bankruptcy. Establishing an enterprise online is more tedious than it seems. Blue Oak Empire provides a specially dedicated team to help newcomers enter the marketplace with ease. For the entrepreneurs that had to force their way onto e-commerce platforms to adapt to the new ways during  the pandemic, firms like Blue Oak Empire are the lifesavers. In fact, Blue Oak Empire has already had first-hand experience in handling a recession. 

In the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, the company’s founders were beginners in e-commerce amidst the failure of banks that economists predicted, Blue Oak Empire grew as an e-commerce empire by working hard to provide world-class service helping companies and businesses rebuild themselves online. 

Blue Oak Empire, which is headquartered in one of the world’s financial hubs, Hong Kong has the goal to help entrepreneurs harness the power of technology. Being one of the very few such companies, Blue Oak Empire has become the largest producer among them. They are highly professional, with all the work done under client confidentiality and 100% transparency in trade details and outcomes. They have been in this arena cumulatively for over 11 years, hence are seniors in business delivery. The 40 highly skilled and trained team members work tirelessly to help achieve the set target, balancing through the fluctuating market reality. 

Unlike most companies, their most effective method for client acquisition? Word of mouth. They build a client a successful store and get referrals, through trust. Blue Oak Empire promises to grow together with it’s clients. With a minimalistic website and an application form that anyone can request a conversation with an expert consultant, Blue Oak Empire is globally accessible for anyone to enquire and work together. 

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