BlueStar Collaborates with Celebrated HGTV Designer Alison Victoria to Name “Green With Envy” as 2022 Kitchen Appliance Color of the Year

A Color for All Seasons, this BlueStar® Color is Neutral Enough to Withstand the Test of Time

BlueStar®, manufacturer of high-performance appliances for the home chef and a trailblazer in color innovation, teamed up with interior designer Alison Victoria, well-known for her spot-on kitchen designs and star of HGTV’s “Windy City Rehab,” “Kitchen Crashers”, Rock the Block” and “Battle on The Beach”, to select ‘Green with Envy’ as the BlueStar® 2022 Color of the Year. Deeply inspired by nature, its timeless tone represents prosperity, power and harmony.

While varying shades of soft green have been cited as the “it” color for 2022, the appeal of BlueStar’s pick, ‘Green with Envy’ (RAL 6007), is its easy versatility. It is essentially a new neutral that pairs well with wood tones, crisp or creamy whites or bolder tones like deep blues, creating an optimistic, fresh space. The color can be used across many different materials and can be applied on BlueStar® ranges, wall ovens, kitchen hoods or refrigeration products as a statement piece or as a pop of color on knobs. Pair this on-trend hue with brass trim, one of the 10 metal finishes offered by BlueStar, for a luxurious look.

Victoria has designed well over 300 kitchens, and one of her top design tips is to keep major pieces, like appliances, neutral. “Your kitchen design should be timeless. Rather than be dated by a Color of the Year classification, ‘Green with Envy’, especially when paired with antique or brushed brass trim, will still look great 10 or 20 years from now,” she says.

“Appliances are the hardscape of the kitchen design and not something you want to change out frequently, so they need to be layerable,” she says. “They are a big investment — you don’t want to get sick of them after 10 years.” Victoria recommends directing creativity into more affordable and easier to replace areas, like a backsplash or faucet, cabinet hardware or mixing in trends with paint, accessories, area rugs or artwork. “With BlueStar’s endless customization options, you also can easily change the color of the knobs with each season if you like!”

“Color and customization are two important parts of BlueStar’s proud 140+ year history of U.S. manufacturing,” says BlueStar® President Eliza Sheffield. “As a leader in bespoke, handcrafted kitchen appliances, we offer professional-style products in over 1,000 colors and finishes, as well as custom colors and 10 metal trims, and we are excited that Alison has been a long-time fan, oftentimes choosing BlueStar for her fabulous kitchen designs.”

Explore the Color of the Year with the interactive ‘Build Your Own BlueStar‘, a tool designed to help consumers and professionals make confident and efficient BlueStar color selections. Try out 190 hues and a dozen metal trims on a BlueStar® range, kitchen hood or refrigerator.

Designed and built in Pennsylvania since 1880, BlueStar® cooking, refrigeration and ventilation products are handcrafted for discerning home chefs who demand restaurant-quality results in their own kitchens. The award-winning line includes high-performance gas ranges, cooktops, electric and gas wall ovens, complementary kitchen ventilation hoods and premium refrigeration. BlueStar® is the only pro-style appliance brand to offer virtually unlimited options for personalization, including more than 1,000 colors and metal trims as well as highly customizable cooking surfaces, swing and French oven doors, and restaurant accessories like salamander broilers, charbroilers, Frenchtops and oversized ovens that fit commercial sheet pans. BlueStar® equipment is available at appliance dealers nationwide. For general information visit or join the conversation on social media @bluestarcooking

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