Brandlive Adds New Video Tools to Enterprise Video and Events Platform

Brandlive, a leader in video-led marketing events and elevated video production tools, recently announced two new solutions for marketers and event professionals — Greenroom for IOS and Greenroom Recording Studio.

The Brandlive Platform’s suite of event and creator tools already empower the largest companies in the world to build video-powered webinars and events that are more like TV and less like another boring webinar. The company’s newest solutions expand on its video production studio in the cloud, Greenroom.

Greenroom for iOS
Greenroom, Brandlive’s integrated production software, now puts the power of Hollywood in a presenter’s pocket. The new Greenroom app for iOS takes advantage of the world’s most popular and powerful camera, the iPhone. Previously only available on desktop browsers, the native Greenroom iOS app achieves higher video quality than webcams and can be used by presenters when convenient for them. Greenroom for iOS removes speakers’ fear of technology failure and gives them more confidence so they can focus on delivering an impactful and engaging message.

Leveraging iPhone’s cinematic mode, ProRes, and Dolby Vision technology, Greenroom for iOS supports 4K resolution, 24-frames-per-second, recordings, live streaming, and multi-cam setup. The new mobile app captures shots that are impossible to achieve with a webcam, in breathtaking detail, depth, and color and an astonishing new level of quality — all from the palm of the hand or a tripod.

Greenroom Recording Studio
Greenroom’s new cloud-based Recording Studio feature set by Brandlive has answered marketers’ cries to simplify the creation of agency-grade content for webinars, events, and those important work moments.

The Recording Studio simplifies the recording process and makes it easy to mix recorded content and live content to create the perfect show shot by shot, segment by segment, with a range of powerful presenter tools —such as a teleprompter, scripts, and visual cues. Now, every presenter can look their best and flawlessly deliver the right message. No more uploads and downloads, the recorded takes are just a click away, and adding them to a show is a simple drag and drop. Organizers can layer on graphics, titles, overlays, animations, and music, to turn those boring product launches, webinars, and marketing events, into something people won’t forget.

Watch the announcement on demand here.

About Brandlive
Brandlive offers an enterprise software platform and services to support marketing events that drive elevated engagement using high-quality video — from webinars to customer summits to internal town halls. Brandlive is the platform of choice for many Fortune 500 customers and has supported over 25,000 events reaching over 20 million viewers since 2020. The launch of their approachable video creation tool, Greenroom, landed the company the number one spot on Fast Company magazine’s list of the 10 Most Innovative Live Events Companies of 2021. Brandlive is headquartered in Portland, OR, and can be found online at

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