Brian Kim Announces His Support of Online Educational Initiatives

Brian Kim, by the perception of most, is something of a brainiac. That is also somewhat evident when looking at some of the topics that excite him. Those would include interests such as data science, digital marketing, and of course, his love of art and design.

Brian Kim has a Love of Learning

While, for many people, those may seem like less than exciting topics, for Brian, they are not only his passion, but they have also helped to define his career. The core of all these interests is his hunger for learning. It is his drive to learn that fuels all others, and for Kim, the field of marketing data science, for example, offers a world of learning.

His appetite for education and love of learning has also spilled over into his personal life. Most recently, that overflow was witnessed in Kim’s support of online learning initiatives. This is certainly the best of both worlds. It might not even be a stretch to imagine Brian getting involved in more integral ways in the future with online learning programs.

Brian Kim Moved to Support and Contribute to Online Learning Platforms

One organization, the Khan Academy, in particular, caught the attention of Brian Kim, and in fact, he was moved enough by the program that he became a financial contributor. The Khan Academy is an online-based learning program that creates learning tools (primarily via learning videos) to educate students.

The success of the program has been considerable, with millions of students reported having used the program for college tuition tests like the SAT. Millions of others have also used the Khan Academy tools to help with their educational studies. The program was initially focused on the studies of mathematics and science, but it has since grown to cover a wide array of scholarly topics.

Brian Kim didn’t stop there. He has also recently started giving to other online learning initiatives, including programs related to Planned Parenthood. For those who understand the respect and appreciation that he has for education, this isn’t such a shocking move by Kim at this stage in his career.

The Future of Online Education and Brian Kim

Although it appears that getting involved in the business side of online educational initiatives seems inevitable, there has been no definitive indication from Kim in that capacity. Perhaps it is a matter of time, or maybe he is content with his current career path.

One thing, however, is certain and even more so now, in light of the new social norms as a result of the pandemic, and that is remote learning is here to stay. What capacity that ultimately looks like is yet to be determined, but these new learning platforms aren’t going anywhere soon. That also likely means that these online learning programs will likely continue to see financial support from Brian Kim, if not more.


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