Brights Cleaning Announces Uptrend in Demand for Leather Cleaning

It is important for any business to identify any trends within their industry. The increase in demand for leather furniture has spurred an uptrend in the need for leather cleaning services.

Thornton-Cleveleys, United Kingdom, July 22, 2022 – Brights Cleaning are a soft furnishing and cleaning specialist based in Lancashire. While leather cleaning and leather protection is just part of their specialist services, they have identified an upwards trend in the demand for leather services. Their experience spans back decades in this niche market. This has allowed them great scope for development.

Leather cleaning is one of the most incredible services. Partly because many of its methods and techniques have not changed in the decades that the services have been available. However, product formulations and new techniques have made the trade what it is today. Demand for leather furniture saw a huge increase in the last two decades. This came from advances which meant modern tanning processes create leather that is more resistant to peeling, cracking or sagging. These were all problems that left individuals feeling that leather was not suitable for their home. Others felt that it was too cold to sit on in the winter and too warm to sit on in the summer. Advances have made leather furniture much more durable and adaptable to modern homes.

Brights Cleaning soon identified this upward trend. Leather repair services then steadily increased as a result. While leather is durable and versatile, it is not impossible to damage. As with upholstery furniture, wear and tear will also take its toll on leather furniture.

This allowed Brights Cleaning to use the opportunity to develop a marketing programme based around promoting their leather cleaning and leather repair services. This is a service they take great pride in and have developed their techniques to offer the highest-possible service for their clients. Demands for this service is taking them further afield as their reputation spreads through neighbouring counties.

Part of what makes this company different is their constant analysis of their successes. Their driven approach to continuous development has propelled this innovative company to new heights of success.

The rate of increased enquiries for leather cleaning and leather protection have more than doubled from the figures identified throughout the previous year. This analysis has been founded through investigation of incoming enquiries, accepted quotations and work completed as a result.

Colin Bright, owner of Brights Cleaning commented, “We really enjoy delivering exceptional cleaning, repair and protective work for our clients. We are incredibly passionate about leather services so are therefore extremely happy to see such an increase in demand for these services. We will continue to monitor further successes and will develop our promotional work to ensure this continues to expand in the months to come.”

A company with such a determined approach and passion for their clients is rare. Therefore, it is exciting to follow future successes to share in their achievements.

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