Buddy Brands Helps Pet Companies Increase Conversions and Sell More with New 3D technology

Buddy Brands Brings Cutting-Edge 3D Scan Technology To The Pet Industry

Buddy Brands, the innovative pet company behind world class pet product brands such as BuddyRest and Natural Doggie, has brought cutting-edge 3D creation technology into the pet space. This amazing technology utilizes the world’s most advanced scanning system to provide photo-realistic, digital versions of products available in full 3D so you can sell more products online.

Pet companies can utilize this technology right now sell more products and reduce returns. Having 3D versions of your product dramatically increases conversion rates online by providing better user experiences and increasing consumer confidence.

Companies like Wayfair and Shopify state that 3D models and AR have been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 250% on product pages.

“If you sell products online, deploying your product in 3D is the single biggest thing you can do online to sell more products right now,” stated Buddy Brands CEO Trevor Crotts.

Buddy Brands has this technology deployed on several web properties including buddyrest.com where you can use the view in my space feature to shop for dog beds in augmented reality with any smartphone.

View in my space augmented reality is now available on any platform, without an app. It helps set accurate expectations and dramatically reduces returns. If you are currently using Shopify, you already have this functionality, you just need the 3D assets.

Not just for product pages, 3D versions of your products can be used to create photo-realistic product videos, and virtual photo shoots making content creation a breeze, and significantly reducing the cost of content creation across the board.

“The ROI is a no brainer for anyone who sells online. Once we saw what this did for our own stores, we invested to bring this technology and help other brands in the industry,” said Crotts.

Although there are other ways to get 3D assets, Buddy Brands’ 3D scanning technology and asset creation is far superior to traditional 3D model making in every way. Most 3D models are, at best, an artistic interpretation of a product, that don’t offer the same photo-realism that a cutting-edge scan offers. Removing the human element also removes inaccuracies and inconsistent quality.

In eCommerce, authenticity matters. Buddy Brands is here is provide you with the best digital representations of your products so you can win the business you need to win. Now and in the future.

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