cfunds Announces Launch of Capital Radio Podcast, To Innovate Storytelling In The Private Equity Industry

c*funds are announcing the launch of its podcast Capital Radio, which aims to innovate storytelling in the private equity industry. The podcast debuts in June, and will showcase some inspirational thought leaders from the private equity and venture capital industry. Capital Radio will be available across all major streaming platforms.

Founder and Managing Director Katalin Gallyas, who has more than 15 years of fundraising experience, says the podcast is a fresh approach to content creation and conversation in this space, which will provide ample knowledge for people who want to deepen their understanding of how the private equity industry works. “Because of COVID-19, the in-person conferences typical in the private equity world have been cancelled,” she says. “However, many of them were expensive, and featured content dominated by paid sponsors. Real discussions and authentic storytelling were missing.”

Gallyas adds that the impetus behind launching Capital Radio was to break the barrier surrounding the largely inaccessible, exclusive chain of expensive private equity events, data, and membership clubs built on legacy. The  c*funds team has been able to gain personal access to many under-the-radar LPs/investors in Europe.

Capital Radio aims to demystify the industry and highlight heroes and practitioners who’ve launched their own venture capital and private equity firms and raised large investment funds. “We want to showcase how they achieved these things from a behind-the-curtain perspective, and make their narratives more personal.”

Lieke Giltay and Liz Gapes are hosting the podcast. Giltay previously worked in finance at an economic consultancy firm and at a sustainable tech company. Gapes brings her experience in M&A and Due Diligence. At c*funds, they both support GP campaign management. They cover a range of  topics on the podcast, including how to fundraise successfully during and after COVID-19, how to make an emerging GP stand out from the other competing asset managers, and what some of their favorite investments are.

c*funds is a fund placement agency founded in 2018. The company started a smart, data-driven fundraising model  based on high-quality data, benchmarks, and digitalization. The firm experienced rapid growth since its inception, and now employs ten young international investment and fundraising specialists. “We started from the bottom up, just by doing,” Gallyas says, “and we are unique because of our diverse background and innovative approach.”

c*funds has helped with GP campaign management and with finding the right LPs/investors for, for example, early stage venture capital clients including Aera 21, which focuses on deep tech/challenges with impact globally; Blockwall, a sector-focused and independent VC firm investing in the evolution of the Internet; and Cottonwood, a high-tech/hard science  (patented) fund focused on Europe & North America.

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