Changing the Experience of Law: Loio AI Software Joins Lawrina Legal Ecosystem

Nowadays, the legal industry requires quick responses to address all professional challenges immediately. Having all the necessary tools in one place, lawyers can increase their task performance and handle clients’ cases confidently without fear of missing key details. 

With legaltech, client management and the contracting process can become seamless and exactly lawyer-friendly. Loio contract drafting and reviewing software has merged with Lawrina’s legal ecosystem of helpful products for lawyers and people seeking legal advice. The main goal of this cooperation is to transform the experience of law for legal professionals and their clients with speedy and beneficial solutions.


Loio is a Microsoft Word add-in that helps lawyers, in-house legal teams, land managers, real estate agents, and other professionals working with contacts draft and review their industry-specific agreements instantly. Loio is built on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms that optimize manual processes, analyze various contracts to the core and provide a quality report on the document content. All the customer data is protected. Based on these results, users can see and decide how to improve their document and contract lifecycle overall.

– Clause Analysis. Loio analyzes and detects clauses as the core document component. Due to the type of legal documents that a user sets to analyze—an NDA, lease, or purchase and sale agreement—Loio can suggest adding more related provisions or removing duplicates.

– Clause Bank. Users can enhance their document by taking provisions from Loio’s Clause Bank or creating their own to make the agreement complete, accurate, and compliant with state laws. 

– Flawless error detection. Loio searches and shows critical errors, less severe mistakes, and typos, if any, across the paper. Users can correct all annoying spots in one click, and the agreement becomes cleaner with each fixed inaccuracy.  

– Contract Styling. The final step is to format the agreement’s look before its submission. Loio offers Styling to make each paragraph, font, indent, and spacing look consistent in the document.

Perfecting legal documents is only a part of the daily contract management process. It can become even better when access to the US legislation, clients, and up-to-date legal templates is always available whenever needed.


The Lawrina legal platform for lawyers and non-lawyers has been actively working on its mission to build a living ecosystem with open and free legal information. Currently, there are four constantly developing anchor products:

– Lawrina Match—a marketplace for legal professionals and citizens seeking legal advice to address their issues in a specific state;

– Lawrina Templates—an online collection of up-to-date legal forms reviewed by experienced Lawrina attorneys;

– US Law—a free legal database that covers law information on each area in all U.S. states;

– Lawrina Blog—an online resource where lawyers and non-lawyers can find articles on legal issues, legal project management, legal marketing, and legaltech from prominent opinion leaders in the worldwide law practice.

Loio fits Lawrina’s concept and can help contract professionals be more productive and accurate with daily documents while preparing for negotiations, client consultations, or court hearings. 

What’s Next?

Lawrina will grow the current ecosystem by adding more helpful and valuable features to let legal professionals meet the ongoing legal challenges and let clients solve their legal issues instantly and without stress. We will support legal professionals in their work productivity; their clients in acquiring the highest-quality legal help; and both of them in building the tightest business relationships.

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