China’s FREACHE invented solid drinks to improve the respiratory quality and improve the respiratory health of people

FREACHE, a respiratory brand of Guangdong Zhongke Zongheng Health Management Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongke Zongheng”), has launched the first product FREACHE Solid Beverage.

In 2021, although vaccination programs have been launched all over the world, there are still many countries, especially poor developing countries, which are extremely short of COVID-19 vaccine. In the past 49 days, there has been a continuous upward trend in the world. At the same time, 4.4 million COVID-19 cases have been added in the week from April 5.

Obviously, the epidemic is far from over, and other anti-epidemic measures are still indispensable besides continuing to promote vaccinations.

The body’s immunity and resistance play a vital role in human health. Therefore, people nowadays pay more attention to the health of respiratory system than ever before. In order to further improve people’s respiratory health, FREACHE, a respiratory brand of Guangdong Zhongke Zongheng Health Management Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongke Zongheng”), has launched the first product FREACHE Solid Beverage, which is led by Professor Zhou Chaofan, PhD supervisor of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and developed based on the principle of “traditional Chinese medicine”, which can effectively improve people’s respiratory quality and improve their respiratory state.

It is known that there are about 600 million people suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at present, among which about 100 million people in China suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and their risk is 2 times higher than that of heart disease and 7 times higher than that of cancer. Among the elderly over 60 years old, one in every four people has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; One out of every three patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the world comes from China.

To this end, Zhongke Zongheng analyzed and demonstrated the physique of modern people repeatedly based on several ancient Chinese medical classics and decades of clinical experience. Finally, it developed FREACHE Solid Beverage. The product also adopts a unique molecular refinement technology, which reduces the molecular weight of Chinese herbal extracts by 6-10 times, thereby improving the bioavailability of medicinal properties by 6-10 times and accelerating the effect of the product.

Many years ago, Zhongke Zongheng noticed the value and development trend of Chinese medicine, and began to absorb the top talents in the industry and cultivate Chinese herbal medicine health products. Zhongke Zongheng assembled a group of high-level experts around the world, led by Professor Zhou Chaofan, and joined hands with Professor Lu Guangshen, a world-renowned master of Chinese medicine, and Dr. Huang Guojun, a pharmaceutical expert, to form a core R&D team. In addition, the team also has more than 40 well-known domestic doctors, professors and doctors, and more than 20 doctors and professors from the United States, Germany, Switzerland and other countries.

After 2,557 days and a cost of 27 million yuan, FREACHE Solid Beverage finally went on the market. After the marketing, the efficacy of FREACHE Solid Beverage was unanimously affirmed by users, and many people insisted on drinking it for just two weeks, and their respiratory symptoms were obviously improved.

With the continuous introduction of relevant policies at all levels in China, with the continuous efforts of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, through independent innovation, cooperation and exchange, and the use of modern technology to explore, verify and apply the rich wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, Zhongke Zongheng will surely make its due contribution to the global anti-epidemic campaign.


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