Cleveland, OH.  Cleveland Medical Devices Inc. (CleveMed) announced today that it sued ResMed Inc. (ResMed) in the Delaware Federal Court for patent infringement of eight patents from its patent portfolio.  The complaint alleges that many of ResMed’s intelligent Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) solutions and home sleep test solutions infringe CleveMed’s patents and that ResMed’s infringement is willful.  

CleveMed is a home sleep testing company that is vertically integrated with their product and service solutions in the marketplace.  “CleveMed has been developing cutting-edge technologies in the sleep field since the early 2000’s and the Patent Office has awarded CleveMed over 37 patents to date including a number of patents for CleveMed’s proprietary internet-based, now sometimes known as cloud-based, sleep diagnostic and therapy solutions,” stated Hani Kayyali CleveMed’s CEO and President.  Mr. Kayyali added “Unfortunately even though CleveMed has spoken with key leaders at ResMed on a number of occasions since 2017 about CleveMed’s patents, little progress was made and CleveMed was left with no other viable option.”   

CleveMed brought in the law firm of Kramer, Levin to litigate this matter.  Kramer, Levin holds significant experience in representing small businesses in patent infringement matters against large multi-national corporations earning a stellar reputation amongst not only their peers, but also with legal counsel for technology startups.  “CleveMed is in a David vs. Goliath situation in this matter,” stated Dr. Brian Kolkowski CleveMed’s General Counsel, “and our management team and board believe with Kramer, Levin’s assistance we hopefully will level the field.”

For further information, please contact Brian Kolkowski, Executive Vice President and General Counsel at or at 216-649-0376.

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