The law firm offers to provide help to companies in Massachusetts who are interested in the emerging agriculture industry, so that they can navigate towards more profitable waters.

Thomas Howard and David Leavitt, lawyers in the emerging agriculture industry, with over twenty years of combined experience joined forces to launch the new Collateral Base | Cannabis Industry Lawyer Massachusetts office in order to help people with their business in the bay state. And now that the emerging agriculture map is expanding in Massachusetts, this might be a good time to jump into the game field.

The Collateral Base team offers companies services aimed at helping with getting the first steps into the emerging agriculture industry, offering strategic guidance to follow in order to safely navigate the industry before and after a company gets its license to operate as a delivery operator, cultivator, or dispensary in Massachusetts.

“We always say all cannabis is local, but in Massachusetts it’s hyper-local,” says Thomas Howard.

“When you need guidance in this ever-changing industry, Collateral Base is here to lead the way,” said David Leavitt.

The Collateral Base office affirms that its purpose is to help entrepreneurs in the emerging agriculture industry so that they can kick start their business and make it grow. So people from Massachusetts who want to learn how to get a delivery license, or need help creating a business plan, or just need an extra push to get into the emerging agriculture industry, can take a look at the Collateral’ Base’s brand new office. If there are any other inquiries you can’t seem to find anywhere else, you can always reach out to, and Tom and his staff will gladly answer your questions.

About The Team

After 10 years of experience providing legal services for emerging agriculture businesses all around the country, Tom Howard, lead attorney of the firm Collateral Base, created a law blog where he and his team have set their efforts to educate and inform people about the lucrative business of emerging agriculture. You can sign up for their newsletter that will include lots of actionable intelligence for your emerging agriculture business.  Make sure you subscribe to Tom’s podcast on YouTube or your favorite podcast provider. 

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