Comprehensive Surgical Care Opens Flagship ASC

Comprehensive Surgical Care (CSC) recently opened its flagship ASC in Gilbert, Arizona. This best-in-class facility features three operating rooms, one fitted as a Cath lab with a Siemens Artis Zee ceiling mounted C-ARM and the others with Siemens Cios Alpha Mobile C-Arms, six PACU beds, and a hot lab for Y-90 procedures. In addition to CSC, the space houses Comprehensive Integrated Care, a multi-specialty clinic with 11 exam rooms, three ultrasound rooms and two bariatric rooms. This 15,000 square foot space was formerly a Walmart Neighborhood Store.

This premiere facility is part of a 20 ASC expansion plan in which CSC and its real estate partner have committed over 125 million dollars to develop the facilities. Over the next 24 months, these turn-key ASCs will open across the country beginning in California, Idaho, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Facilities range in size from 10,000 to 40,000 square feet, many with medical office space available. The centers will employ 15 to 20 nurses, radiology techs, medical assistants, and support staff.

Dr. Joel Rainwater, MD, founder of CSC, recognizes the advantages to both surgeons and patients, of performing surgery in a state-of-the-art ASC that is able provide a low cost, high-quality alternative to the traditional way healthcare is delivered. “We started CSC because we wanted to provide physicians with an environment where they would never have to compromise on the quality of the environment and the availability of the operating suites.” says Rainwater. CSC is fulfilling that expectation and other physicians are eager to participate in this type of environment.

CSC is able to provide excellent care, with increased efficiency and reduced costs, offering a favorable option to hospital-based surgery. Because it is physician-owned and controlled, it attracts and brings the finest surgeons, nurses, techs, and staff to an environment designed to ensure the best possible experience for patients. Recognizing the importance of value-based medical care, CSC is fulfilling the need with AAAHC certified ASCs, experienced staff, and a patient-first philosophy.

About Comprehensive Surgical Care

Comprehensive Surgical Care, founded by Dr. Joel Rainwater, is headquartered at 838 W. Elliot Road, #102, Gilbert, AZ, 85233. Through our state-of-the-art, multi-specialty facility and patient-first philosophy, we offer the highest level of outpatient surgical services to those in our care. We diligently work to overcome the barriers to quality care by offering clinics and surgical centers which provide a safe and comforting environment that is trusted by both patients and our highly skilled board-certified physicians. For more information, call (866) 668-8766 or visit

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