Crossrope launches AMP™: The Future of Jump Rope Fitness

Connect, Jump and Level Up: Bluetooth handles connect to the Crossrope app, providing real-time jumping stats and personalized targets for workouts that are more engaging and challenging

Crossrope built AMP to provide jumpers with an engaging experience that keeps them motivated and informed with every jump. Simply clip AMP handles to a Crossrope weighted rope and press the button to pair them with the Crossrope app. Once connected, AMP counts every jump with high-precision technology and shows jumpers real-time stats like jumps per minute (JPM), max JPM, jump streaks and more. AMP then uses those metrics to learn your ability and create personalized workouts that progress as you do.

“Crossrope AMP is the culmination of 10 years of working to create the ultimate jump rope experience, piece by piece,” said Crossrope CEO Dave Hunt. “Each workout is customizing the difficulty level to my personal abilities, which means no matter whether you’re a brand new jumper or you’re 10 years in like I am, you’re always going to get an incredibly experience workout.”

AMP goes beyond counting jumps by learning your ability level and setting personalized goals throughout your workout. AMP guides your pace with personalized jump targets during every interval, gives you real-time feedback on your performance hitting those targets, and adapts your jump targets as your intensity changes. That means new jumpers and seasoned veterans can tackle any of the 2,000+ workouts in the Crossrope app with adaptive goals made just for them. Jumpers can also use Benchmark Mode to push themselves to hit new milestones. Finally, AMP logs all of your stats to help you track your fitness progress.

“The point of AMP is that with a target in place, every jumper is going to be pushing harder than they would,” said Hunt. “It’s like having that personal trainer there motivating you wherever you are.”

Crossrope engineered AMP with powerful technology for a seamless user experience. After pressing the power button, AMP handles pairs with the Crossrope app in under ½ a second. Users will also never have to worry about constant charging. One charge of AMP handles will last 3-6 months for the average jumper.

To learn more about AMP, watch this one-minute video trailer and visit the AMP page at for more content about every feature. Media can also access product photos here.

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