Crown & Roots has launched the invisible braces treatment service. This treatment allows the patients to get teeth braces with better aesthetic and appearance than standard braces.

The braces now are not only a tool to fix one’s teeth condition. In India, the trend to have fashionable and beautiful braces that also can fix teeth problems is rising. Knowing that fact, Crown & Roots, the top Dental Clinic in Delhi, has offered a new brace treatment. It is called the invisible braces treatment or is also known as Invisalign. As its name implies, this new type of braces is made of clear plastic, so it is almost invisible after being installed on a patient’s teeth. It makes the brace look more fashionable.

Moreover, this clinic also provides the removable type one, making it easy to maintain. Moreover, this clinic also provides a maintenance and replacement service that patients can use once every two weeks. The cost is relatively the same as the standard Invisible braces cost in Delhi, which makes it more popular among the younger generation.

Crown & Roots is one of the reliable dental clinics in Delhi and India. This clinic provides various dental treatments. It is not only known as the top provider for Braces treatment in Delhi. This place also offers other treatments, such as root canal treatment, dental implant, teeth cleaning, and many more. The team of doctors in this clinic also has more than 20 years of experience. Plus, this clinic also prioritises hygiene every time providing treatment for its patients.

According to one of the staff of Crown & Roots, “Many people are afraid to visit the dental clinic because they think it will be painful. Many of them also have trauma after receiving that kind of treatment. In our clinic, we use a different approach for our dental treatment. We specialise in painless dental procedures that also provide the best result for our patients. And we are confident that we can do that because we have a skilled dentist who leads us, Dr. Kartik Datta.“

About Crown & Roots

Crown & Roots is a dental clinic in New Delhi, India, that provides complete treatment for different types of tooth problems and needs. It uses the latest technology and advanced procedures. It makes the patient feel more comfortable and relaxed when being treated. Dr. Kartik Datta is the man behind this clinic, known as the top dentist in India. This clinic has grown into one of the best dental clinics in Delhi and India.

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