Cryo-eeze Expands its Bio Enhancing Holistic Wellness Clinic in Tampa Bay

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State of the art wellness center expands to a new facility and implements award-winning whole-body red light therapy to its services

We’ve seen first-hand the mental and physical benefits of our protocols at Cryo-eeze and will continue to research and make the most effective modalities accessible to our clients.”

— Ryder Gaston, founder of Cryo-eezeTAMPA BAY, FL, USA, July 7, 2022 — Cryo-eeze is expanding to a new state of the art holistic wellness center and will be hosting a Grand Opening Event on July 9th. Cryo-eeze biohacking services are backed by scientific research and technology to help individuals enhance performance, reduce chronic pain without the use of prescriptive medications and increase their quality of life.

“Our goal with Cryo-eeze is to create a place where people can benefit from natural wellness treatments and ultimately live happier, healthier lives,” said Ryder Gaston, founder of Cryo-eeze. “To enhance our services, we’ve added whole-body red light therapy which will promote cellular-level wellness.

We’ve seen first-hand the mental and physical benefits of our protocols at Cryo-eeze and will continue to research and make the most effective modalities accessible to our clients.”

Each fifteen minute Prism Light Pod session helps achieve health goals through six pre-programmed settings, fully optimized to:
– Reduce chronic pain & disorders
– Improve wound & injury healing
– Accelerate performance & sports recovery
– Relieve arthritis & joint pain
– Promote anti-aging & skin conditioning
– Speed weight-loss

Prism Light Pod sessions are safe, private, non-invasive and can be used in combination with the other modalities at Cryo-eeze i.e. cryotherapy treatments, hyperbaric chamber and HOCATT sessions, compression therapy, infrared sauna sessions and more to relieve pain and inflammation throughout the body.

“Cryo-eeze is offering the industry’s most advanced natural wellness innovations that benefit their clients,” said Karl Chen, founder and CEO of Prism Light Pod. “We are proud that the Prism Light Pod will be used to support their mission.”

Join us for the Grand Opening of Cryo-eeze on July 9th, from 12 p.m.-5 p.m., located at 8351 SR-54, New Port Richey, FL 34655. Introductory pricing and service bundles will be available for purchase.
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About Cryo-eeze
Cryo-eeze offers holistic services backed by state of the art technology. Body Sculpting, Fat Reduction, Stress and Anxiety management, whole body recovery, sports optimization and recovery, pain relief and injury recovery. Since opening in 2020, Cryo-eeze has provided over 1,600 services to Veterans, Military, LEO’s and Fire Fighters free of charge. With the help of grants, we’re ensuring that the health benefits from innovative technology are available and accessible to our country’s first line of defense. For more information about Cryo-eeze, visit:

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Founded in 2017, Prism Light Pod manufactures and sells its award-winning full-body red light therapy systems for performance recovery, pain management, weight-loss and anti-aging. Prism Light Pod is headquartered in Denver, CO and distributes its products worldwide. Prism Light Pod has been awarded the prestigious Global Excellence Award as the Most-Powerful Full-Body Red Light Therapy System of 2020 and the Best Red Light Therapy Device of 2021. For information about Prism Light Pod, visit:

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