Cybersecurity Company Offering Extended Benefits to Help Grow Its Penetration Testing House

Redbot Security expands employee benefits that focus on health and well-being first.

DENVER, November 10, 2022 – Redbot Security transitioned to a full-service penetration testing company at the end of 2018. Since then, the bootstrapped company has seen 200%+ growth rates year over year, with planned internal growth, servicing the continual and increasing demand. 

The company was founded by developer Brian Stearns, who in 1997 created and launched the hospitality’s first connected VRML virtual tours, which included exclusive partnerships with Hyatt and Starwood hotels. The pioneer product was the industry’s first third-party virtual display platform, making it onto Travelocity and Expedia and changing how people booked hotels. Throughout Stearns’ career, he was instrumental in marketing and deploying many structured, aligned campaigns that have increased brand equity for various firms. In 2016, Stearns recognized that the Penetration Testing Industry had a primarily legacy company-dominated mindset, which seemed focused on ‘churn-and-burn’-style engagements. Furthermore, many organizations leveraged inaccessible engineers outside of the U.S.

From the onset, Redbot Security’s vision was clear: to provide a customer-centric journey with service alignment focused on placing customer needs first. Stearns built the company from the ground up on a set of internal principles that focus on community – attracting top people that are like-minded with a shared goal of protecting our Nation’s Critical Data and Systems. The team identifies and reports security weaknesses in clients’ networks and applications, and provides guidance and support for effective remediation — sometimes working with clients for months beyond testing to deliver custom solutions to uncommon situations.

While the Industry is struggling to find and retain top cybersecurity talent, Redbot Security has grown, creating an internal culture that prioritizes employee health and well-being, offering competitive pay, flexible PTO, Full Medical and Auxiliary Benefits on start date, dynamic work, and most importantly, an opportunity to learn from the industry’s top engineers. Considering a very crowded, demanding calendar, the company culture has been designed to mitigate burnout. When employees have a life event, family crisis, or health-related issues, the company allows for flexible schedules, enabling them to prioritize their personal lives while not fearing job loss or negative feedback. 

“This year, everyone at the company is taking off the week for Thanksgiving followed by a week in December; paid. It’s a bonus that doesn’t cut into anyone’s PTO. Our team deserves to relax with family and get a break from multiple projects,” stated Andrew Bindner, CSO. “As we continue to grow, our culture will remain the same, and we will explore many options to ensure the well-being of our community.”

The Redbot Security team consists of full-time U.S.-based Senior Level Engineers. Due to the current threat landscape and heightened security concerns, the company does not subcontract or use independent contractors. Since its inception, Redbot Security has provided penetration testing services, red teaming, and onsite physical assessments for our nation’s largest transportation systems, water & power, renewable energy, oil and gas, food chain manufacturers, well-known enterprise brands, and some of the top fortune 500 companies.  Redbot Security’s set of core values enables the company to service smaller clients as well, providing cost-effective solutions and custom scopes for a wide range of projects.

“Our team is very close to one another, and we are proud to maintain a family-first environment. The engineers and support staff at Redbot Security are the finest people I have ever met. They are dedicated to their craft, helping others, and continuously going above and beyond,” stated Founder & CEO Stearns.

Redbot Security is a U.S based, industry-leading penetration testing company with a Sr. Level Team of industry experts. Since Redbot Security is a boutique penetration testing house, the company can focus on building client relationships and delivering a premier customer experience through continuously engaged Senior Engineers.

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