Daichi Kickstarter Campaign For Dried Gourd Udon Noodles

In its recent move, Japanese company Daichi has launched a new product dubbed Kanpyo Udon noodles.

The company is on the verge of toppling its competitors by introducing the new Kanpyo Udon noodles, which are presented in a beautiful package.

The Kanpyo Udon uniquely branded package design takes an unconventional approach to retain tradition with a touch of eccentricity, playfully engaging the gourd and the noodles. 

The Kanpyo Dried Gourd Udon noodle package is designed with a touch of traditional art to capture a market of both youthful and advanced-age clients while retaining friendly and premium aesthetics.

The Kanpyo Udon noodles are made from dried ‘Kanpyo’ or ‘dried gourd powders,’ rich in dietary fiber. The nuts are ground, dried, and powdered, then mixed with Japanese flour. Kanpyo brings with it mild sweetness, just like other gourds and squash products. It can also use seasonings such as soy sauce, sugar, or mirin to guide its natural tangs.

The Kanpyo Udon noodle’s main appeal is the spongy, chewy, and snappy texture that provides an exciting contrast when wrapped in sushi rice or added to soups.

Kanpyo means dried shavings of calabash (a type of gourd) in the Cucurbitaceae family. The Kanpyo Udon noodles are shaved flesh from the gourd that are dried into thin strips.

The bottle gourd noodle has been a delicacy of antiquity, with Japan, unlike many other parts of the world, treasuring it as appealing food that carries the history and tradition of over 300 years.

The noodles are rich in calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, and Iron. The package comes in two 5.6oz/ 160g servings.

They could be a perfect diet to improve bone health, muscle relaxation, and stronger immunity due to their calcium and phosphorus content. 

It is also a good diet for regulating fluids in the body and stomach acids. Moreover, Udon noodles are rich in iron, which is essential to improve metabolism rates in the body.

Due to the dietary fiber content, Kanpyo is recommended for improving digestion.

The rich content of plant fiber increases the availability of Lactobacillus bifidus in the intestines hence suppressing increased blood cholesterol levels.

It could be perfect for weight-loss diets as the Kanpyo Udon dried gourd noodles are wheat-free. 

To prepare Kanpyo dried gourd noodles, rinse lightly, season with a teaspoonful of kosher salt, and rub it with your fingers until soft. 

Rinse the salt, squeeze the moisture out, and cook in ample water until it softens. Drain the Kanpyo after it is burned. 

Kanpyo with no additives can be rinsed quickly, immersed in plenty of water for around ten minutes to rehydrate, then cooked in any way you desire.

The Kampyo noodles can be enjoyed on celebratory occasions, traditional Japanese dishes, or ordinary mealtimes. 

Photo: The beautifully packaged Kampyo Udon Dried Gourd noodles

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