Dekoyashiki-Daikokuya Brings Back The Fortune Traditional Paper Figurines

Dekoyashiki-Daikokuya is at the forefront of producing figurine Harikos (dolls) perfect for gifts. 

In the latest move, the company has focused on offering new products to meet the needs of their customers in the USA. 

The new Hariko products borrow from the age-old plastic arts technique that became famous during the Edo and involves attaching pieces of paper to frames made of bamboo, wood, or clay moldings. 

There were several kinds of dolls in the past, such as large and small darumas, various masks, Ebisu and Daikoku dolls, Chinese zodiac dolls, Hina dolls, and dolls based on Kabuki and Ukiyoe woodblock prints.

Presently, the pieces of little dolls and paper-art are carefully made by hand in Miharu, Fukushima prefecture, Japan.

The traditional Hariko paper figurines come from a sweetly white molded cat with a cute face, a menacing Koshidaka, and a Kubifuri tiger.

The tiger is a well-respected animal in Japanese folklore, having been habitually characterized with the ability to “go a thousand miles and still come back.” The papier-mache made in the shape of a tiger symbolizes good luck and a safe return for those who have set out on a journey.

Other versions of the deco yashiki’s daruma come with a masu (box) to pray for good fortune. A mallet of daikoku is carved on the masu, making it a great gift.

Also, the daruma figurines come in several colors, including black, pink, blue, yellow, white, and green.  

Dekoyashiki-Daikakuya also has a DIY (Do it yourself) Japanese Traditional Hariko paper figurine daruma making kit. 

First-time Mariko makers will be required to learn how to make the tiny daruma dolls using a YouTube video.

One will be required to have water-based paints used in school materials, varnish to make the end product glossy, adhesive, wood glue, masking tape, a razor, work gloves, disposable chopsticks, cotton swabs, and empty bottles.

The figurines contain features such as eyes with a blank gaze, facial hair, and a body with no arms and legs (making it easily swing back after tilting). 

Another prevalent feature is the color, as each color connotes meaning such as gold-money, black-ward off bad luck, green-health and fitness, etcetera. 

Daruma dolls are talismanic and can be used as festival decorations, used as a souvenir to denote a particular locality.

They can be a personal gift for children or as wedding and anniversary gifts as they keep one engaged, especially when crafting them as a hobby and many more.

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