Delaware’s Tax Season Starts January 23, 2024

Delaware’s Division of Revenue will begin processing 2023 individual income tax returns on January 23, 2024. As a result of fraud prevention measures that protect Delaware taxpayers, refunds will not begin to be issued until February 15, 2024.

Taxpayers are encouraged to file their taxes electronically as paper returns take longer to process. Taxpayers who file online may file for free at or through other electronic filing programs. Requesting refunds by direct deposit will also expedite refund delivery. This year’s filing deadline for Delaware Personal Income Tax is Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

Taxpayers should be aware that Delaware does not maintain reciprocity agreements with other states. It is important that anyone who worked in Delaware, but was not a Delaware resident, files a Delaware tax return. Delaware residents who work out-of-state are required to file returns with Delaware in addition to the state where they worked. By law, Delaware employees should receive their 2023 W-2 employment forms by January 31, 2024. Those who haven’t received a W-2 by January 31st should contact their employer.

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