Divine Social Grows Nearly 100% Throughout the Pandemic

In a season when many businesses struggled to stay afloat, Divine Social thrived. But they did so doing what they do best-caring about the prosperity of their clients. Divine Social CEO and founder, Traci Reuter, recounted what it was like when the country first shut down, and what they did from there.

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When it came to responding to the pandemic, Reuter shared how she and her team dropped everything to connect with their clients.

“It was the day after [the shut down], and everything happened on a Friday, so it was Saturday morning. We were on a call, and Jessica was driving to pick up a side of beef. I was in my pajamas at home. And we were on calls with clients, helping them to pivot their marketing strategy right away.”

It was that kind of action that not only caused Divine Social to grow 89% in 2020, but also helped their clients thrive instead of sink. For example, Reuter shared about a client, Learning at the Primary Pond, that created teaching materials for the classroom. Obviously, without a considerable pivot, her business would have disappeared.

Instead, Learning at the Primary Pond, with the help of their account manager at Divine Social, shifted their focus to address a very real crisis, and had their best product launch to date.

“Our team helped her rethink how to support teachers when they were having to do distance learning… And she had her biggest launch to date in July. She had her first six-figure product launch. And we know it was just because of all she did to help teachers learn how to teach through Zoom and remotely. And she adapted some of her resources to be digital-only. She worked hard to shift herself because teachers were really struggling at that point.”

Aside from the support Divine Social provided their clients in 2020, another change was that Reuter moved from snowy Colorado to Sarasota, Florida. And while the team remains remote and, Divine Social maintains international clientele, the official headquarters is now with Reuter in the Sunshine State.

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