Dubai Vigilance Group and Regenerated Phyto Bio Technologies sign a historic agreement

Dubai Vigilance Group and Regenerated Phyto Biotechnology signed a Strategic Agreement for Distribution and Collaboration.

Dubai Vigilance Group is now the exclusive Distributor of Regenerated Phyto Biotechnology agricultural products in North, Central, and South America, Caribbean Community Countries, Sudan, and Morocco. DVG will collaborate with the Jordanian company’s scientists on scientifically proven Agricultural Biotechnology products’

Regenerated Phyto Biotechnology is a leading Jordanian-based Agricultural Company using Phyto Effective Microorganisms microbial technologies to improve the growth of plants, animals, and fish using organic bacteria.

Phyto EM consists of naturally-occurring beneficial microorganisms. It is utilized in arable farming, vegetable production fruit farming, fish farming, and viniculture.

Regenerated Phyto Biotechnology products renew soil fertility, assist in fixing atmospheric nitrogen, stimulate plant growth and facilitate absorption of minerals in plants.

Dubai Vigilance Group is a renowned Consultancy Group, that focuses on technologies that support sustainable agriculture, innovative and customized turnkey solutions in E-Procurement, Supply Chain, Risk Management, Disaster Management using the latest and pathbreaking technology, Robotics, and Blockchain technology.

Dubai Vigilance Group and Regenerated Phyto Biotechnology signed the strategic agreement and will collaborate with CARDI (Caribbean Agricultural Research & Development Institute), Central Experimental Farms, and NAREI (National Agricultural Research & Extension Institute) on food sustainability using the scientific technology to increase crop production, better crop protection, increase in nutrition value, fresher produce, longer shelf life, better taste, and pest resistance.

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