E-Shopping E-zier Than Ever for Buying Much-Needed Scepter Fuel and Water Containers

Online sales of gas, water and boat fuel containers from Scepter has spiked dramatically in 2021. Elevated growth in ecommerce shopping as a result of COVID-19 accounts for changing the way consumers purchase products.

Our time in quarantine during COVID-19 has changed the way Americans shop. Forever. The ease of ordering products online makes it simple to get anything from vitamins to fuel containers to shoes delivered to our homes fast.

According to several studies, the elevated growth in eCommerce shopping as a result of COVID-19 is here to stay. A report from McKinsey & Co. states that online ordering increased 35% between January 2020 and January 2021, based on credit and debit card expenditures. And, they predict that people’s use of convenient online shopping will not go away.

“We certainly have seen online ordering of our products accelerate through our retail partners since March of 2020,” says Melissa Obradovic with Scepter®. “The more familiar people become with online ordering, the more the ‘fear factor has evaporated. They seem to appreciate the ease and speed of shopping on the Internet.

“Our online sales of gas, water and even boat fuel containers have spiked dramatically in the past year. And, we expect to see that continue to grow throughout the rest of this year and into 2022.”

Easy E-Shopping
At Scepter, the simplicity and convenience of online shopping have especially accelerated during the summer months. Traditionally a time when people require fuel and water containers for powering outdoor chores and sporting equipment, the summer is also a time when families prepare for potential weather emergencies. Keeping both clean water and a good supply of fuel on hand is critical for many homeowners and businesses across the country during hurricane season.

“There are certainly people who are not comfortable yet shopping in stores and prefer to stay with online sales,” says Obradovic. “Then there are those people who have found online shopping is a huge timesaver. For both these categories of consumers, we have a wide variety of Scepter products available through national online retailers.”

Obradovic relates that Scepter offers the following products through web stores and online retailers, oftentimes with free and fast delivery services:

  • Scepter® SmartControl™ 1-, 2- and 5-gallon fuel containers (gas, diesel and kerosene) – Amazon®, Walmart®, The Home Depot®, Lowe’s® and Grainger®.
  • Scepter® Military Water Cans in 5-gallon sizes made of BPA free, high-density polyethylene – Amazon, Grainger, Walmart and Bass Pro Shops®.
  • Scepter® Marine Portable and Topside Tanks ranging in sizes from 11.4 L up to 45L for onboard needs for boats – Amazon, Walmart, Academy® Sports & Outdoors, Bass Pro, Northern® Tool + Equipment, Tractor® Supply Co. and Mills Fleet Farm®.

Quality Products Online
Sceptre’s consumer product line helps homeowners and do-it-yourselfers complete their projects faster and easier. People around the world rely on the rugged construction and built-in safety elements of Scepter’s best-in-class products to do everything from storing drinkable water for emergencies to mowing the lawn, to fueling up boats.

A proud supplier of the US Department of Defense and world-class OEM’s like Yamaha, Tohatsu, Suzuki and Mercury Marine, Scepter also manufactures containers for the military and marine markets.

For more information on Scepter, visit http://www.scepter.com.

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