Educational Children’s Book Guides Families to Live a Healthier Life

Dietitian and teacher illustrate positive food values and the basics of English in ‘Queen Bee’s Alphabet Cookbook’

Introducing a healthy lifestyle at a young age is essential. In Mariah Ecker, RD, and Teri Ecker’s debut book, “Queen Bee’s Alphabet Cookbook: A Nutrition Guide for Families,” the authors provide years of experience in health and education to build a roadmap for parents to teach their children the importance of healthy habits to help them thrive.

“Queen Bee’s Alphabet Cookbook” is a guide for providing quality family time, while engaging in activities that teach important life skills, from kitchen tool safety and building healthy recipes, to offering fun ways to imprint positive food values. Children will learn early English skills and vocabulary throughout the book, with activities that progress with the child.

Peppered throughout the pages is the authors’ professional experience and insight into balancing nutrition with mindful eating, as a professional dietician and an internationally certified English teacher. From learning the ABCs to Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese and Zoodle Soup, the Eckers believe in a holistic approach to growth and development in children, as well as the community.

“We published ‘Queen Bee’s Alphabet Cookbook’ to give back,” said Teri Ecker. “We donate books as well as a percentage of profits to nonprofit organizations. We want to help families see that nutrition can be more than healthful – it can be fun! We are able to help community literacy and nutrition programs, by teaching early language skills while providing fun activities that promote a healthy foundation.”

“Queen Bee’s Alphabet Cookbook” will take families on a journey of learning about food and healthy living. Children will follow their friend, Queen Bee, as she teaches them the importance of practicing good habits, while spending quality time with loved ones.

“Queen Bee’s Alphabet Cookbook: A Nutrition Guide for Families”
By Mariah Ecker, RD and Teri Ecker
ISBN: 978-1-6657-0890-6 (softcover); 978-1-6657-0888-3 (hardcover); 978-1-6657-0889-0 (eBook)
Available at Archway Publishing, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Mariah Ecker, RD, is a dietitian with a thriving private practice that guides families in balancing the science of nutrition with mindful eating. Teri Ecker is an internationally certified teacher of English skills with decades of teaching experience. Together, their passion for literacy and nutrition, has created an educational nutrition guide for families. Their goal is to help community food and literacy programs while making family time, leading to smarter, healthier and happier children and families. To learn more, please visit

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