Top Egyptian entrepreneur, motivational speaker and social media king, Aly Osman of late began a series called ‘THE TALK’ where he interviews key influential figures. The goal of this series is to influence and inspire young people to consistently pursue their goals. In his series, he has interviewed key people in form of Ahmed Raafat, Fafi Abdelaziz and Dina Ragheb, Real-estate tycoon  Hassan El Morshedy, Businessman Amr Mansi, World-Class fashion designer Farida Temraz. Presently, he is seeking to interview industry top guns such as Bill gates, Bassem Youssef, Mohamed Salah, Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig and Jeff Bezos.

As a creative marketer and influencer, Osman lives by the quote, “Live the life you love and love the life you live.” The 27-year-old started working at the age of 18 where he opened an Instagram page, @egyfunnysociety and grew the page to over 700k followers with a fan base of celebrities and ministers. According to Aly, “This page got me strong PR and media attention until the point where I opened my own social media and pr agency which is now one of the top 3 social media agencies in Egypt.” His agency, The Influencers Social Media and PR Agency have worked with brands like Etisalat, Stevia, Mofida Shiha and Omar Khairat.

Aly believes that he was privileged to attend one of the most prestigious schools in Egypt, the American University in Cairo where he studied finance and got a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He says, “My financial knowledge and background helped me a lot with setting up and managing my own business.” As a prominent motivational speaker; he has delivered speeches all around Egypt. He has also given speeches in Dubai and United Kingdom. His first speech with Alexandria’s Rotary, and ever since then he delivered around 26 speeches with TEDx, AUC, Pepsico, Allianz, GUC, and other entities in different cities.

Besides consulting with several ministers and public figures about how to build their social media platforms, Osman is also interested in giving back to the community. In light of this, he founded an awareness campaign to help people on social media secure their SM platforms against hacking. He created a number of videos to help people keep their accounts safe. With the combined several million views and support of celebrities and PR, the campaign succeeded.Aly hopes to inspire the younger generation to do better. He believes that the digital era that we are in presently creates so many opportunities for people with ideas to put them online easily. He says, “The secret ingredient for success is following your passion, no matter what that is. Because one of the best things in life is to find what you love and do it every day.”

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