Ekran System to Participate in Inaugural National Channel & MSSP Cyber Summit

Ekran System Inc. will join the inaugural National Channel & MSSP Cyber Summit in Chicago, Illinois. The event will take place at the Marriott Marquis Chicago in the Grand Horizon Ballroom on June 15, 2023

We invite you to meet us at this one-of-a-kind summit, bringing together MSPs, MSSPs, and the brightest minds in the cybersecurity industry. At annual conferences organized by the Official Cyber Security Summit, you can learn about innovative approaches to combating cyber threats. Famous experts from across the globe share their knowledge on how to protect and defend your business during interactive panels and fast-track discussions. 

Come talk to us

During the inaugural National Channel & MSSP Cyber Summit, you’ll have an opportunity to speak in person with Yevhen Zhurer, Ekran System’s Head of Business Development, and Maryna Yucel, Ekran System’s Sales Account Executive.

At the Ekran System stand, specialists will show you all capabilities of our full-cycle insider risk management platform, share their valuable experience, and answer your questions.

About Ekran System Inc. 

Ekran System Inc. is trusted by more than 1500 clients and over 300 partners worldwide. The company’s full-cycle insider risk management platform addresses security threats from within your organization.

How can your organization benefit from the Ekran System platform?

Ekran System is an all-in-one insider threat management platform that meets the full spectrum of security needs for all companies, on all kinds of infrastructure nodes, from desktops to jump servers.

Our comprehensive monitoring software is able to log insider activity and record user sessions in video format. Besides monitoring regular and privileged users, Ekran System monitors the activity of third-party vendors who have access to company’s systems and data.

Ekran System offers two-factor authentication (2FA) to let organizations securely verify the identities of those who attempt to access their critical assets. In addition, it enables them to grant and manage access privileges of users within their network.

Regardless of users’ privileges, Ekran System ensures that no one can cover their tracks and disable the activity monitoring process. It can flag suspicious user behavior and enable security teams to quickly respond to security incidents with the help of real-time notifications and predefined/custom alerts. Notifications provide links to video recordings of corresponding sessions to allow security personnel to investigate an incident, block the user, and kill malicious processes.

Last but not least, Ekran System can ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and help companies easily pass cybersecurity audits. The software offers more than 20 types of reports to help our clients gain insights into their organization’s security and compliance.

Join us!

Visit our demo stand at the inaugural National Channel & MSSP Cyber Summit in Chicago to learn more about Ekran System’s capabilities.

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